Tuesday, August 02, 2011

let's eat: swiss cuisine

omg two days without posting! i'm still here! yesterday was national day for switzerland, so there's going to be a few activities around the city that will be swiss-themed. starting with the swiss food fest happening right now at makati shangri-la called "swiss made." the only swiss food i know is swiss cheese haha.. so trying out the dishes yesterday was a good experience. shang flew in a swiss chef, oskar marti, who brought in a lot of ingredients himself, including... hay? you'll see!

first, we had an amuse bouche of foie gras mousse. i'm not a fan of foie gras, mainly for the taste, it just doesn't thrill my palate the way it does others. but in small doses like this and not "pure" it's ok.
especially when it's washed down by this refreshing white wine from switzerland—who knew they made wine?? 2009 fendant blanc d'amour, chasselas. it's made from one grape, chasselas (also known as fendant), native to switzerland and grown in the high mountain regions. nice and dry! we had this with our appetizer and soup as well:
appetizer: morelle mushroom mousse with wild garlic on pumpernickel, green and white asparagus salad, inula herb infused dressing.
soup poured from a teapot into your bowl: swiss alps hay soup with poached sweetbreads and air dry beef meat. this was a fragrant, very light cream soup, which the swiss serve during the summer.
apparently, there are a lot of cows in switzerland and during the summer when it gets hot, the cows are taken up to the alps where it's cooler and the grass that they eat is healthier, making for better digestion—and better meat! that same grass is what the chef used in these dishes! (which means better digestion for us too :-) more hay in the main course: pan seared rack of lamb with ginger bread crumb and stew of leek and lentils with deep fried leek hay.
served with another swiss wine, this time red: 2006 marugg pinot noir barrique, flasch:
finally, a lovely dessert: rose sorbet with wild strawberry, tempura sage, chocolate markise:

swiss made at makati shangri-la from aug 2-6, 2011. for inquiries and reservations, call 840-0884

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