Thursday, August 25, 2011

lucky charm

i am sooo happy!! but i'm getting ahead of myself. tonight i attended the launch of tiffany & co.'s new locks collection at rustan's makati. upon registering, we were made to pick a little envelope with a card inside and instructed NOT to open it. hokay, so i slipped it into my pocket. but one of the gals whispered to me to hold on to it because if i picked the right envelope, the evening's host tessa valdes will let us know. so when i saw her, i said tessa, rub my envelope for good luck!
these were the four locks that were up for grabs. when i spotted that last big heart, i said heart, you're mine! (claiming daw??)
check out the locks for sale, which can be made into necklace pendants or bracelet charms. the sterling silver ones start at P6,700 and the 18k gold ones start at P59,500.
then the program started and tessa asked us to open our envelopes. if yours said thank you for coming blablabla, then that's it, buh-bye. but if yours said "congratulations! you have the chance to unlock your own tiffany item" then you get to pick a key from a box and try to open one of the locked glass cabinets! i got to pick a key, woo-hoo!!
unfortunately, my key didn't open any of the cabinets :-(
three lucky guests got to unlock three cabinets, but the rest of us were given a second chance to pick a key. i was the last one to try my key out and guess what?? i picked the right keeeeeyyy!! i got the big heart!! now you know why i am sooo happy!!

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