Tuesday, August 30, 2011

scenes from the malls

on this tuesday holiday, i finally ventured out of the house. and joined the crush of cars on the highway, all on their way home from out-of-town trips. or just catching the sales. like me! although i ended up with nothing. some random stuff spotted during my mall trawl...

love love love this line of luggage by samsonite! this is a revival of the fashionaire line, which they did back in the 60s or 70s. it's often called the marimekko collection, but i wonder if marimekko had anything to do with this:
based on the windows of zara and mango, it looks like 90s minimalism is coming back. would you wear jackets and dresses completely devoid of any decoration, and can you hold back from any accessorizing?
i've posted before the collection of jelly/plastic/rubber flats by kartell. well, looky, they now have wedgies! don't they remind you of melissa shoes? spotted these at dexterton, greenbelt 5:
funny cup spotted at SM makati. witty! but heed the message and bring this to starbucks. (just like bringing your own eco-bag for your purchases):
and if that is not a paper cup, then this is definitely not a tory burch! (pero cute ang denim flats, in fairness...):

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