Monday, August 22, 2011

what i did in misibis (photo-heavy!)

it was a jam-packed schedule of activities that could rival the pacman's pre-fight training. unfortunately, i have no training whatsoever for these types of activities! bigla akong naging "sporty" hehe... here i am (in stripes), just landed in legazpi city, albay with the bagets crew from lifestyle asia and inside showbiz, and apple (in denim mini) from misibis bay resort. and can you tell that the cloud-enshrouded mountain behind us is mayon volcano?? of course not. it was my mission to see mayon in its full majestic glory.
right after breakfast, we took a city tour before heading to the resort, which is on another island an hour away from the airport. here i am in front of the famous cagsawa ruins. all that was left of the town was the top of the church's belfry after the volcano erupted in 1814. with shy mayon in the back, still hiding behind clouds.
here's the ferry that takes cars across the channel and into cagraray island, where the resort is.
finally, check-in! as i entered my villa, the TV was on and i thought, hey that looks like me...
oh em gee, it IS me!! they stole a pic from hahaha!
here's the rest of the villa: bedroom, bathroom, and balcony:
after a late lunch, it was time for our first sporty activity: ATV! this was not my first time to do this, but it's always nerve-wracking, especially when going down steep hills. the view from the top! and still no mayon sighting! (that's me in the middle riding side saddle hehe..)
another view, this time on the way down:
day 2 was zip-lining day. now this i had never done before. i was a zip-lining virgin! am i ready to climb to the top and be pushed off into the wild blue yonder??
homaigad, it's pretty high up here...
here's one of the bagets, poise na poise habang nag-zi-zip-line, with matching smile and pointy toes. and take note it was her first time too.
and here's me holding on for dear life, screaming my head off, with my legs flailing all over the place, and my feet stiff and flexed.
but i survived, yahoo! it was exhilarating! on day 3, it was time to go home. on the way to the airport, i finally saw it: mayon volcano!! WOW.
it was breathtaking. seeing it for the first time nearly brought tears to my eyes—swear! seeing it for the first time was like seeing the eiffel tower for the first time. the only difference is that this is completely natural. its perfection isn't manmade. you really feel the power of nature and of god. goose bumps. we stopped for photo ops!
the clouds were coming and 10 minutes later, it was completely covered. we could still see the tip as we got into the plane.
and speaking of tips, here's a tip: get a window seat on the left side of the plane! i was so lucky i did because i saw the BEST. VIEW. EVER. the top of mayon volcano!!
WOW. it was the perfect way to end this epic trip.

misibis bay, cagraray island, bacacay, albay, tel (52) 821-3800. for more information, go to their website


The Average Jane said...

Love your hotel room! Where is that? =)

The Average Jane said...

Ooops! Sorry. Misibis bay pala. Hehehe! =)