Wednesday, August 31, 2011

you can't fake fashion

about a month and a half ago, i spotted an ad or a feature on the CFDA tote bags being sold on ebay. can't remember where i read about it, but the bags were launched by the council of fashion designers of america (CFDA) for their anti-counterfeit campaign. a lot of designers (like 50 of them!) were commissioned to rework the totes, but by the time i got to ebay, they were all sold out!! the only bag left was the original—at only US$35! (around P1,475) so i ordered one!

actually, i had my brother who lives in the states order one, so that i don't have to deal with the crooks at the post office who charge/extort exorbitant "tax" fees for packages! we all have horror stories to tell about that one. sad state of affairs in this country... but that's another story. anyhoo, my brother's wife came to visit last week and brought the bag, yehey! here it is in real life, with an iphone next to it for size comparison.
now i realize i should've ordered more because if you go on ebay now, they're being sold for as much as US$200!

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