Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so i got home early today from work—hello, 7:30pm, early! luckily for me, my office is a mere 15 minutes away (five minutes on a good day). but today was one of those days that i actually had NO EVENTS to attend—which is rare! (i hope i didn't miss anything, though...) so after passing by chicken charlie for some take-home, er, chicken (the hubby wasn't home and i don't cook and we don't have household help to make us breakfast, lunch, or dinner) i was home-sweet-home with my doggy in no time. then munching on chicken wings and french fries with a glass of wine on the side, watching "coming to america" on HBO—it was quite relaxing. but kinda bitin. i needed some dessert. pampa-alis ng sawa. i'm not really a dessert person, but the movie wasn't over so i needed something to wind everything up nicely. then i remembered the giveaway box of chocolates from last week's van houten event!
oi. it had my favorite chocolate-covered nuts—in this case, almonds. the box of chocolates came from the van houten event to announce that after 180 years, it is now owned by hershey. i used to be a chocoholic and those days came back to me at the sight, touch, and smell of those brown little things...
and tonight i had a bag of those chocolate-covered almonds—ALL. BY. MYSELF. (i told ya—this week is gonna be all about foodfoodfood!)

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Zharmagne said...

I saw them sampling at rustans the other week and got to taste them. Too sweet for my taste.