Thursday, September 08, 2011

the fash packs: la union

uh-oh obviously i missed tue and wed... tue i was on the road, and wed i had a location shoot. and this is where i had it:
this is thunderbird resort in poro point, la union. i had heard so much about this resort for the last several years, and it always looked so picturesque from photos i had seen in fashion editorials, newspaper writeups, and facebook albums. well, because of that, i expected a lot. and unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. the room and bathroom were very spacious...
but the details count too. the striped towels looked like they belonged in the poolside, there were no hand towels, and there was a huge space in the bathroom that looked like it was meant for a tub or jacuzzi. maybe they went over budget?
plus the towels were snagged and pilling, and the bathrobes had holes in them. ugh. maybe it's because the resort has a casino and is aimed at gamblers, and everyone knows that gamblers never see their rooms because they never leave the casino? hmmm... but at least we had a lovely view from our balcony:
the beach looked dramatic and quite inviting, but unfortunately, it was closed. according to the staff, the beach was dirty due to the seaweed washing up on shore, and which had to be cleaned. oh well...
the saving grace was the free wifi all over the hotel. anyway, i was here to do a shoot and i accomplished that. here's a sneak peek:
wtatch out for it in a future issue of style weekend!


jvg said...

gorgeous! can't wait to see the feature!

the fash pack said...

it will be out next friday! watch this space!