Sunday, September 04, 2011

levi's go forth launch

last thursday, i dared put on a pair of levi's jeans that i hadn't worn in maybe a year, afraid that it wouldn't fit. and miracle of miracles, kasha paaa!!! thank god for these levi's curve ID jeans, they really are the perfect-fitting jeans!
i wore them to the launch of levi's new global campaign called "go forth," which was held at whitespace. while waiting for the show to start, i took a glass of red wine, sat on my assigned seat, took out my iphone, and continued working—i was actually editing an article on my iphone! ugh deadlines... i set my glass on the edge of the stage, which made one of the staff a little nervous hee-hee...
check out the levi's displays around whitespace (click to enlarge):

showtime! something for the boys...
and something for the girls...
then the four "pioneers" were introduced. below, from left: johnoy danao, the pioneer of music; divine lee, the pioneer of equality; nina terol-zialcita, the pioneer of positive change; and niccolo cosme, the pioneer of life.
for more info on levi's go forth campaign, go to

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