Thursday, September 29, 2011

manila bay vs pedring

it's 6:48 on a thursday evening and i'm still at the office. i want to go home, but i don't want to go home. because we haven't had electricity since early tuesday morning!! waaahhh... it all started out early tuesday morning when the electricity went off. then it started getting warm. so i don't know what time it was when i got up because it was so dark, and i went to open a window and got the shock of my life when i looked out—our street was flooded! we've lived in this building by the bay for over 10 years and through milenyo, ondoy, and countless tyhpoons, our street had never flooded. it was already thigh-high!
then we got a call from the neighbor that the building garage was flooded too and that water had probably entered our cars by then. pictured below is the staircase leading down to the garage, with the water already covering the first step. it eventually reached up to the third step.
but it wasn't even raining hard! apparently, this flood was not from rain; it was from sea water—from manila bay! ohmygod was there a tsunami?? our unit does not face the bay, so i had no idea what was going on. so we went up to a neighbor's flat facing the bay and i saw it: the super strong wind causing the water to whip against the breakwater (and yes eventually breaking them) and creating huge waves that were higher than the coconut trees! it was an incredible, scary sight. so dirty, stinky, yucky water flowed onto roxas boulevard and into neighboring streets. including ours.
here's a video i took of the waves. i have never seen anything like this and i'm willing to bet, neither have you. i didn't want to turn off the sound so that you can hear the waves. so ignore the laughter in the back. (the neighborhood dogs got together and started humping, so yah it was funny.):

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