Wednesday, September 14, 2011

safe for black

there's a new deo in town and it's called rexona crystal.
wasn't it rexona that popularized that tagline, "my deodorant let me down"? i always like to say that when i'm in a situation where it's hot and sticky and my armpits start to get, er, moist, and i have to say it: my deodorant let me down :-( well, another way your deodorant can let you down is when it leaves a sticky, yukky, white residue in the kili-kili area of your clothes—which is especially obvious on black clothes. well, rexona crystal, with its anti-white-mark formula, claims to NOT do that to your favorite black clothes! and to prove it, they held at makati shangri-la a mini fashion show with black dresses by four female designers: czarina villa, michi calica, camille co, and charina sarte. a sample from each of them:

czarina villa:
michi calica:
camille co:
charina sarte:
and to prove even further that it does work, host bianca valerio and a rep from rexona showed how "brand X" left white marks on the left side of the black velvet board (held by two models), but was completely clear on the right side, on which rexona crystal was used.
so if you like to wear black, this is for you. available in aerosol and roll-on versions.

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