Saturday, September 03, 2011

sale! sale! sale!

ok, this is just too good not to share!! as i mentioned a few posts ago, i'm in the market for a new armchair after our doggy scratched out our faux leather sectional. so i heard that dexterton was having a sale—at their showroom! but boy is it far! if you're not from quezon city, that is... their greenbelt 5 store normally has its sale during ghost month, which is august, but this time, they decided to move the sale to september. the armchair i wanted was no longer in the store, so i had to make the over one hour (because we got lost!) trek to QC. check out these yummy kartell furniture, lights, and home decor, all (or most) discounted!!
i can't tell you the exact prices, though, so you'll just have to go check them out yourself. from 20-50% off! and i got my armchair—at 40% off, woo-hoo!!

dexterton showroom, 157 sgt. e. rivera st., quezon city, tel 362-111,


Lele said...

Love that Mademoiselle chairs! Do you know how much? I wanna buy!!!!


Love your blog btw...


the fash pack said...

thanks! the mademoiselle chairs were listed at P42,000 each, but i'm not sure if they were part of the sale, though. you can call and ask!