Saturday, September 24, 2011

scenes from the malls

scenes at power plant mall:

giant buttons at marks & spencer window display. hmmm i have a big white wall where those buttons would be perfect...
happy lemon now open at the archeology section. i've never tried it. just what is its appeal? i know many people who are crazy over it...
scene at greenbelt 3:

this was 10 days ago. now open. it's right next to power mac center.
scenes at rustan's makati:

it's christmas in rustan's! earlier this week, i spotted mrs. nena tantoco decorating all the trees in the fifth floor. i'm sure by now they're all over the store na.
cute clock! but i bet i can make this at home using my dad's old ties. kung machaga lang ako...
tory burch to open soon inside rustan's! this is in the cosmetics level where prada used to be when they carried ready-to-wear.
scene at glorietta 5:

now you know where to bring all your used plastic bags! (and old cassette and VHS tapes.) they will all be recycled into, er, plastic bags. vicious cycle...
you can also toss your old gadgets, batteries, and components here too. these bins are located at the lobby area, next to the information counter.

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