Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sinfully yours

sorry, but it looks like this week is going to be all about foodfoodfood! last week, makati shangri-la's patisserie called sinfully had its formal opening in greenbelt 5 (2/f beside cibo). the shop had been causing quite a human traffic jam since it opened because there is a huge clear glass window where you can watch these lovely ladies bake up a storm!
and look at the goodies that they make there fresh every day! choose your chocolate:
how about a mini cake? all for you—or to share, if you're feeling generous ;-)
one of their most popular items—macarons! love the colors! to buy individually or by the dozen:
or take home a pre-packaged box of cookies. the design is so cute!
and of course makati shang's signature emoti-cakes. here's JM rodriguez (he and i were the early birds) trying to design his cake by choosing the words + the face = emoti-cake!

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makati office space said...

That store would be paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. In fact, I know a couple of people who would go nuts if you bring them anywhere near a chocolate store.