Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

oh my i almost let the day go by without greeting everyone a happy halloween! boo. pumpkin na mainit ang ulo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

PFW: slim's at 50

uh-oh. it's almost midnight and i decided to scroll through facebook before i went to bed and saw all the photos of men on the runway. it was the closing show of philippine fashion week. uh-oh because i actually forgot all about it. sigh... can't blame me. while most working stiffs were going off on their long-weekend holiday (long weekend? what long weekend??), i was in the office closing next friday's issue. so when sunday rolls around, all i want to do is lounge around the house in my jammies doing nothing! and i didn't even get to do that today!! family obligations beckoned!!! so don't blame me if philippine fashion week was the last thing (or actually not at all) on my mind. but i'm so glad i got to catch the last show last night! (late as in it started at 10pm!) it was the slim's at 50 show—slim being the late designer salvacion lim higgins, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the design school she started called slim's. ten designers sent around 6-8 models down the catwalk in their creations inspired by slim's—or maybe they had all graduated from slim's? it wasn't that clear to me. there was cesar gaupo:
ezra santos (the back of every outfit had a surprise):
james reyes:
the late joe salazar:
joey samson:
martin bautista:
michael cinco:
two designers i had never heard of before—erika adona:
and riza bulawan:
but clearly, the standout collection that night, the one that got the most reaction from the audience, was chito vijandre. ohmygod, the collection was gasp-inducing, the impact of the styling was jaw-dropping, and each time a model would walk down, all i heard was ohmygod... and i was one of them! i can't recall the last time i was this excited about a collection:
most people know chito vijandre as one-half of firma in greenbelt 3 (the other half being ricky toledo). but what most people don't know—or at least the "younger generation" (meaning i'm from the older one??)—is that chito used to be a fashion designer. he must have stopped designing in the 80s because i can't recall seeing any show of his when i joined mega magazine back in 1993. the pieces he showed were totally unexpected: the rich brocades, the basically slim silhouette punctuated with protrusions, the combination of colors, prints, and textures, and the styling! oh, how i wish i could dress this way every day!!
i certainly hope this is not the last we see of chito's work as a designer. what he showed last night was refreshing, fun, original, and i would say even personal. it looked like he produced a collection that he liked and from the heart and soul—spring/summer trends be damned! (and yet he was very on-trend.) could this be THE comeback?? chito, please say it is so!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

ablaza ablaze!

there are so many talented and creative people in this country! and many of them are so underrated and so under-the-radar! take, for example, jun jun ablaza. i first met him in the early noughties when i had a shoot at his parents' lavishly decorated home—all courtesy of jun jun, of course. he's a designer of everything—interiors, events, jewelry, accessories. he showed his fabulous, over-the-top accessories at philippine fashion week last may. and this month, he had his own artwear exhibit called "ablaza ablaze" at the national museum's ablaza hall (i wonder if they're related?). when i got there, i didn't know where to look first! the room was filled with fabulosity! the furs, the feathers, the horns, the skins, the beads, the textures, the materials—wow!! minimalists need not apply!
below, some close-ups of the "artwear" (which were all for sale, by the way. but i didn't get to ask how much. iris apfel would buy the whole collection!). love the statement (as in STATEMENT) neckpieces!!
oops! here's a photo of jun jun grabbed from his facebook album:
unfortunately, the exhibit was up for only three days. if you are interested in any of the pieces, you may contact jun jun ablaza at (+63917) 270-5516

Friday, October 28, 2011

style weekend - oct 28

pls buy manila bulletin today (oct 28) for your free copy of style weekend for men (every last friday of the month)! on the cover: 13-time formula one winner david coulthard who was in manila for the launch of his watch for TW steel! photographed by ryan cruz at manila marriott hotel, interview by elbert cuenca.

also in this issue: watch special, steve jobs day, the upcoming italian film festival, the cars of "in time," new japanese restos by the bay, megan young centerfold, and more!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PFW: bench and company (picture-heavy!)

another day passed, another philippine fashion week show missed. apparently, it's going to take more than meeting deadlines and psyching one's self up to trek all the way to SMX to catch the shows. last monday, a lot of people i know managed to attend three events in one night quite successfully. i made it to two! i started with the exhibit of jun jun ablaza's accessories at the national museum at 6pm. fabulous, over-the-top necklaces and headpieces! a separate post on this. from here, while some friends proceeded to SMX for michael cinco's show for PFW, i chose to head over to sofitel for metrowear's show with oliver tolentino. i had heard so much about this LA-based designer who has dressed many hollywood celebrities, and who was a featured designer in this season's america's next top model. metrowear show was supposed to start at 8pm, but didn't till past 9. which means people who went to SMX managed to still catch up with oliver's show—and didn't miss a thing! and i heard michael's show (it was a different collection from the red cross ball) was fab—complete with shower, as in may tubig na lumabas galing sa kisame at naligo yung mowdel. bongga.

but i did get to catch the first show of the spring/summer 2012 season! last sunday, i attended the omnibus show of suyen corp brands bench, human, kashieca, bench body, and two new sub-brands—black human and ROB randy ortiz for bench. of course, a bench show is not complete without the celebrity endorsers, many of whom i don't know, eek! (time to start watching some telenovelas...) they're all so young! but the audience sure knew who they were, based on the squeals and screams (most screams: enchong dee. kasama na ako! stifled scream actually hehe.. he's cute noh!). below, a few choice shots (i.e., the clear ones!).

human: floral prints, solid colors, graphic tees, styled with skulls, masks, and veils.
black human: funky, avant-gardey pieces in yes, black.
kashieca: lots of nautical-inspired separates. and bea alonzo!
ROB randy ortiz for bench: menswear and menswear-inspired for women. jake cuenca! kim chiu!
bench: opened with borgina. then a slew of celebs like joseph marco, enchong dee, angelica panganiban, and piolo pascual (they're the only ones i recognized).
bench body: hot bodies, what can i say?