Wednesday, October 05, 2011

DC for TW steel

i can't believe it! i haven't written in FOUR days!! well, that's nothing, there was a time i hadn't written anything in four weeks. well, the fash pack's birthday is coming up—in fact, it's tomorrow, october 6! we're turning six! and we (meaning you, dear reader, and i) will be celebrating for a whole month! giveaways galore! watch out for details! (and since you already know me to be a procrastinator, there MAY be a bit of a delay in the details...)

meanwhile! i just wanted to share my brush with fame last week, the day before pedring arrived. if pedring traveled at the speed of 185kph, this guy used to travel at an average speed of 300kph! meet david coulthard, one-time formula1 driver for williams F1, mclaren-mercedes, and red bull racing, winner of 13 formula1 grands prix, with 62 podium finishes, who retired from the circuit in 2008 and is now a presenter for BBC's F1 coverage and lives in monaco with his bee-yoo-tee-full belgian fiancée karen minier (with whom he has a son), who came with him to manila to launch his limited-edition watch for TW steel and for the opening of le temps, the new watch store of lucerne at maxim's in resorts world!
if you're not impressed, trust me—this guy is HUGE. i am now the envy of any formula1 fan. here they come! oops, he's too fast for me. zoom!
standing still now. he looks like a superhero and she looks like a supermodel. and they're both so chic...
ribbon-cutting time. karen and david in the middle, flanked by brothers emerson and ivan yao, managing directors of lucerne, the local distributor of TW steel and a lot of luxury watches:
after clinking of champagne glasses, it was time to go inside and check out the store. syempre i followed them hehe... sweet...
ooh watch the hand, buddy... ;-)
here's a close-up of the watch! only P44,000!

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