Saturday, October 22, 2011

due/collezione formal launch

last july, i wrote about the opening of rhett eala's new store in greenbelt 5 called due/collezione. due was the ready-to-wear label he started while working for rustan's. it was discontinued soon after he left in 2001. now due has been resurrected under the collezione group. last tuesday was its formal launch at the peninsula manila. rhett also showed his holiday collection for collezione C2 with no less than four azkals modeling for him—which included the younghusband brothers, of course!

the curvy stage with the himalayas (that was rhett's inspiration) in the background and theater-style seating on one side, which i found a bit too far from the stage (hello, malabo mata ko):
some of the guests who wore rhett eala, due/collezione, or collezione C2 that night:

the show opened with james and phil, one on each side. we didn't know where to look! it was like watching a tennis game!
a few choice pieces from the men's collection, which was divided into the day casuals of knit tops and drop-crotch shorts and pants; and more formal blazers and trousers for work and evening:
and from the women's collection—easy, breezy knits, ideal for travel:
cool linen, perfect for hot weather:
formal dresses for your next cocktail party:
plus new versions of the poncho that rhett made famous around 10 years ago under his wink label! you saw it in cotton knit and linen above. below, in jersey attached to a dress:
studded with "petals" for eveningwear or just to dress up an outfit:
as a little capelet in cotton brocade:
congratulations, rhett!

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