Sunday, October 16, 2011

LV GB4 re-opening party, 14 oct 2011

last friday, all roads led to greenbelt 4 for the re-opening of the newly renovated greenbelt 4 store! i was there at the opening party of the original GB4 store in 2003. it was a party that manila talked about for years to come. it also set a new standard for openings and launch events. free-flowing champagne and cocktails to the point that the guests give up and go home! some at 6 in the morning! after puking in the bathroom! that party was special because every guest got an actual louis vuitton epi leather bracelet in mandarine. etched in the back was the occasion and the date. this time, all we got was a plastic card as access to the after-party. back then, we were ferried to the after-party in BMWs. this time, we rode vans. but the new store is something to see. once you enter, you are transported to the louis vuitton universe—and you could be in hong kong, singapore, or even paris! you can spend the entire day there. it's so calming. kahit wala kang bilhin. earlier in the afternoon, there was a press preview where we got to tour the store and inspect every nook and cranny.

then in the evening, it was party time! first at the greenbelt 4 store, then after a couple of hours, guests were ferried to the "secret" venue for the after-party: whitespace. another unforgettable party that manila will be talking about for years!

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