Monday, November 28, 2011

date night at manila hotel

tonight was a rare night without any events to attend. so after office hours, what's a girl to do?? go on a date with the hubby! with all our separate activities during the day—and even at night!—we rarely get to spend some QT alone. without the computers ha. iPhone lang haha... and since my office is in the intramuros area, and i happened to have a 50% off voucher for mabuhay palace at manila hotel, we decided to go chinese.
if you love chinese food and have never eaten here, then you should. it's one of the best in town. and check out the decor. bongga! hindi sila nag-tipid! and i must commend them on the service—non-obtrusive, but when you call the waitstaff, they drop what they're doing and head to your table. anyhoo, chinese food is best eaten in a big group, but since there was only two of us, we had to limit our order. first, hot & sour soup, my favorite. yum!
we're trying to avoid meat, so it was prawns in orange juice. (actually everything looks kinda orangey...) sweet-ish and sour-ish:
and how can you not eat rice with this dish?? so kahit bawal, monday was made cheat day with seafood fried rice. omgeeee...
haaay i was so busog after!! we decided to have a look-see around the hotel. they've renovated a lot of areas, like their coffee shop café ilang-ilang, which you won't even recognize from the way it was before! super-sosi buffet stations, just like the other five-star hotels. and they've upgraded the rest rooms; now they're bright and modern. but i also like the way they've maintained the grand old-world feel. i love the signature humongous chandeliers in the lobby. i hope they keep these!
and check out the tap room! they've kept the dark-wood panels and moody lighting, but upgraded the upholstery. you don't see lounges like this in manila anymore, where there's a lone singer on the small stage, na hindi concert levels ang sound system, so you can still have a conversation. and smoke! (just sayin'...) and there's a real bar too. tonight it was a dude named joniver performing, who played mostly john mayer covers:
so if this is your kinda thang—quiet, laid-back, relaxed, and not see-and-be-seen—or you're just looking for a change of scene, check it out some time :-)

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