Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the sulô riviera

do you have any memories of the sulo hotel in quezon city? back in the day, before the arrival of five-star chain hotels, sulo, along with manila hotel, silahis, and philippine village, were THE hotels to see and be seen. sulo has been around since 1967 and was recently acquired by the cuevas family. it is now called the sulo riviera. conservationists will be happy to note that the new owners kept the facade and the shell, and just fixed up the interiors. this is the lobby, as seen from the inside:
looks promising noh? as we toured the hotel's outlets and rooms, you could see the consistency in look, feel, theme, and design aesthetic of the interiors all throughout. this is divino lounge just off the lobby:
the color palette is basically black and white, but punched up with silver, crystals, reflective surfaces, and lots of texture. with the number of rooms (70 rooms and four suites), sulo can be considered a boutique hotel. this is the doña anita suite, which has a beige palette, and its own outdoor veranda and garden:
the ambassador suite has a green palette and an extra bedroom for two:
even the regular rooms are tastefully done with super chic dark-wood headboards, textured wallpaper, and pendant lamps:
apparently, sulo used to be the "home" of mutya ng pilipinas (meron pa ba non??). their office was there, that's where the candidates stayed, and they held the pageant by the poolside:
too bad it was raining today, so we couldn't get a better shot of the pool area. the function rooms and conference rooms are all in the basement and are named after artists, like picasso, miro, botero, and bencab:
and check out the ladies room! para akong nasa club!
it's nice to know that quezon city has its own super-chic destination, and not everything stylish and world-class can only be found in makati. maybe it will become the reverse, and makati people will now travel all the way to QC to hang out, instead of the other way around.

the sulo riviera, matalino road (off east avenue), diliman, quezon city, tel 924-5051, www.sulorivierahotel.com

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