Sunday, November 27, 2011

silent charity auction at marriott

early this month, i received a letter from marriott hotel manila inviting me to be one of the "fashion icons" to donate an item from my personal collection to be included in a silent charity auction, the proceeds of which will go to habitat for humanity. my first reaction was, meeee? a fashion icon?? hahaha... then my second reaction was, of course! i will be happy to participate! take note, other "fashion icons" who were invited to paticipate included tessa valdes, ruffa gutierrez, divine lee, phoemela baranda, daphne oseña paez, alyanna martinez, and others. and because i'm a notorious procrastinator, it wasn't until a few days before the event that i found something among my stash of stuff! parang nakakahiya to give something used, as if anyone will want to buy something pre-owned (and pre-loved ;-) by me, but i managed to find two designer leather wallets that i've had for years and never used! they were both still in excellent condition and untouched by molds, thank god. or thank those silica gels!

at the event last nov 24, the small items were hung on several christmas trees. here's my first item, a turquoise zip-up leather wallet by comme des garçons: starting bid for this was pretty low, only P3,000. and i couldn't believe the final bid: P12,500! huwaw! it was won by phoemela baranda who was there that night to host the program (which included the tree-lighting ceremony).

here's my second item, a black zip-up leather wallet by yohji yamamoto: starting bid for this was slightly higher: P4,000. final bid: P14,000! and it was won by the GM of the marriott! woo-hoo! thank you to the kind and generous souls who bidded for my wallets, kasi nakakahiya kung walang bumili hahaha... may your wallets always be full! good karma all around!

here are some of the items donated by the other "fashion icons":

bongga gown and matching headgear from tessa valdes:
gown with plunging neckline from ruffa gutierrez:
strapless mini-dress from divine lee:
limited-edition adidas jacket from phoemela baranda:
prada high-heel sandals from alyanna martinez:
mahogany chair from daphne oseña paez:
UPDATE: i just found out that the auction is ongoing till dec 25! check it out, this is your chance to give back :-)

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