Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tribute to pitoy moreno

i say this is a long time coming. it's wonderful to do a tribute to a designer who has done so much for philippine fashion while he's still alive! and he's been named a national artist, for chrissake! i don't know how old he is, but he must be almost 90! ok, maybe mid-80s. at the area outside the ballroom, they displayed some of his creations, categorized into filipiniana, bridal, and formal gowns. i tried to include the little sign describing each gown and who wore it:


bridal gowns:
i wish they would organize an exhibit, so that these gowns can be viewed by design students and young fashion designers. it's a must. they can observe the line, the technique, the craftsmanship, and the history behind each piece. here he is! still a rock star at his age!
i don't have good pictures from the show because i was seated waaay back—hello, row H, we meet again... of course, it was a "baul" collection, with pieces from the past: filipiniana, the brides, the artistas, the beauty queens, of course, and the ones he took with him on shows all over the world.
when the show was over and pitoy came out to take his bow, he managed to walk all the way to the end of the catwalk—by himself! it made the audience a little nervous tee-hee...
congratulations, pitoy, and to abs-cbn publishing and metro society, who organized the event! here i am with metro society editor in chief, raul manzano!

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