Monday, December 12, 2011

almost back to regular programming

the fash pack has been missing in action again! i had a reason--i was traveling. this time i was off to istanbul and athens via singapore airlines (more on that trip in a future post). i'm on my way back and right now i'm at changi airport. and i'm going to be here for six hours!!! waaahhh...

i think this is my longest layover ever. our group decided to check in at one of the many lounges in the airport (not the SQ lounge, unfortunately). i actually got to use the shower! nice to feel refreshed after flying for 12 hours. so what is there to do in changi besides eat and shop? i explored terminal 3 and found out.

you can sit comfortably in one of many soft armchairs:

check your mail and facebook:

watch TV (this area had around a dozen wide-screen TVs):

take a free singapore tour--there are two to choose from (but you have to sign up an hour before the scheduled two-hour tour):

watch a movie in an honest-to-goodness cinema:

and here's what's showing!

check into a mini-hotel:

take the train from terminal 3 to 2 and back:

visit the butterfly garden:

here's a close-up of one of the residents!

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