Saturday, December 03, 2011

the fash packs: seoul, korea

before i go off on another trip, i want to write about one of my trips last month: to seoul, korea. when i was in grade school, my best friend was korean. her father was a diplomat, so after the philippines, she went on to live in other countries in the region like pakistan and new zealand. we kept in touch through snail mail (wala pang email non, noh) till she got married and settled in singapore. now why it never occurred to me to travel to korea, i don't know!! so it was a pleasant surprise to get an invitation from the face shop to fly to seoul, korea! wheee... but this was for work ha. it was to interview their brand ambassador kim hyun joong! wheee... this was during the first week of november and we were lucky because the temperatures were really really pleasant. light-coat/jacket weather. no need for thick coats, knee-high boots, or heavy mufflers. tip! check before you pack for your trip. they have forecasts for up to five days, and even by the hour, so you'll know if you should keep the fabric shoes at home, or if it's ok to wear sandals, or even if you should bring an umbrella. below, my looks for the trip!

day 1: we left manila at 1am (!), arrived in seoul some four hours later, and hit the ground running. after breakfast, massage, lunch, then check-in, it was a quick freshen-up before our interview with KHJ! we didn't even have time to shower! ugh. it's ok he didn't notice/smell. here i am, having my 10-minute one-on-one (there were six of us, so each of us was timed!). kilig ba?
group photo op! (yes, that's really him standing beside me! no, that's not a cardboard cutout!)
day 2 was tour time. dontcha love how the tree cooperated and matched my outfit??
more trees...
we just really loved those trees! walang fall kasi sa pilipinas noh?? (pero mainit na, so remove the coat...)
by day 3, it was last-minute shopping before it was time to leave for the airport. ang bilis! super bitin. we didn't even get to visit the other shopping areas. we made one last stop at the face shop in insadong. here i am with KHJ again!
tomorrow: where we shopped!


Anonymous said...

Why do Koreans like their celebrity men girly? To me he looks very girly - the face, hair and stance.

Anonymous said...

Miz Liz!!! I like your style!!! Please post more pictures of your outfits especially when you travel. And please put also the brands.

from MeM