Friday, December 30, 2011

inquirer's best-dressed list

this morning, as i scrolled down my facebook home page, i came across a link to an inquirer article titled "our fearless list of best dressed women of 2011." i myself have come up with lists like this, so i was curious to see who was on it. and boy was i shocked to see my name on it!! (at nabuking pa ang age!! hahaha)
that's me on the bottom left with the crazy prints. the photo they used was grabbed from my facebook album titled "oct 2011," just my monthly visual diary of things i did, places i went to, and events i attended. this was shot at the fitflop boots launch in greenbelt 5. it's kind of ironic that they chose me now because this year i had been sooo lazy to get all dressed up for work or for events! i tended to stick to boring ol' jeans, comfy stretchy pieces, and black black black. you know how it is when you sit in front of a computer all day and you start feeling fat. so in the last few months, i decided to start wearing some of my old clothes again just to see if they still fit. some of them did. like this floral-print skirt by tracy reese, which i bought at mix a looong time ago. i wore it with a polo knit top to work and wanted something dressier for the events i had that night, so i popped into zara and bought a polka-dot blouse. as i've said on this blog many times, i love prints! the more, the merrier!

here's the link to the article.

and here's the whole article!

Our fearless list of Best Dressed Women of 2011
By: Cheche V. Moral, Stef Cabal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
2:44 am | Friday, December 30th, 2011

Tina Ocampo, accessories designer. Tina Ocampo is inarguably one of the chic-est women in Manila. She always looks polished and, yes, expensive—but quite tastefully so. A standout, she never dresses like anyone in the room. Case in point: the recent Philippine Tatler Ball where she arrived in a bare-back emerald-green Pepito Albert. Sexy, but age-appropriate.

Lucy Torres, politician. With her inherent beauty, Lucy could make a sack dress look like a million-bucks sack dress. But you would, however, not find her in anything outrageous: She sticks to what works best for her, and that’s feminine and well-tailored dresses by the likes of Randy Ortiz, Joey Samson or Noel Crisostomo. She always looks clean and fresh.

Pauline Juan, Preview magazine editor. Unlike most women who stick to one look, there’s no one single look (read: uniform) for Pauline so that it’s always gratifying to see what she wears at any given affair. She’s experimental and a true champion of up-and-coming designers: She gives them her stamp of approval not just by giving them editorial space in her magazine, but by wearing them as well.

Liza Ilarde, editor. The mixing of the boldest prints and colors seems instinctive to this woman. Even when she’s wearing a solid black dress, expect her to punctuate it with something bright or quirky in the form of a purse or some other accessory. Liza is one of those women over 40 who dress their age but are never dull or frumpy.

Nina Huang, housewife and socialite. She’s no social butterfly, but when she does grace a party, Nina never disappoints in the style department. She embodies chic and taste, always looking poised and graceful, whether her look is classic and tailored, or ultra-feminine.

Kaye Tinga, home-store owner. Kaye consistently lands the best-dressed lists, and with reason. This is a woman who clearly loves beautiful, well-made clothes. She looks effortlessly chic either in sleek-cut shifts, designer jeans or evening dress by her favored designers (Dennis Lustico, Pepito Albert).

Mandy de la Rama-Santos, children’s wear designer and entrepreneur. Apart from a cutting-edge style, she has a well-toned, athletic bod that makes her a dream to dress. She’s a muse of both Inno Sotto and Rajo Laurel, and a favorite in best-dressed lists.

Anne Curtis, actress. Her new grownup look is refreshing, especially in that black sheer Rajo Laurel dress for the first Philippine Fashion Ball. It’s a new look for her, since it’s far from the ultra-feminine style she used to go for before. She looked sexy but elegant.

Pauline Prieto, model. Her street-chic style looks effortless. She’s got the model-off-duty look down pat.

Iza Calzado, actress. Her style is more sophisticated than most contemporary young actresses, but still fashion-forward.

Bea Soriano, model. She has transformed into a refined woman with a classic style that’s highlighted by carefully chosen trends that enunciate her fun-loving spirit.

Amina Aranaz-Alunan, accessories designer, fashion-school directress and Inquirer Lifestyle columnist. She has the old-world glamour, but with a modern twist. She can easily balance family and work, in style. Whether for casual lunch or dressy evening affair, her dressing is effortless.

needless to say, i am extremely flattered to have been chosen, and honored to be in the company of these women, most of whom i myself have featured as some of the country's most stylish women! thank you to the editor ms. thelma san juan, and to the writers cheche v. moral and stef cabal :-)

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