Monday, December 19, 2011

shopping in istanbul

the grand bazaar is synonymous to shopping in istanbul. but there is also the spice bazaar, especially for those who love to buy food to take home or for pasalubong, or for those who love to cook. where else can you get saffron for a song??
some of the lovely items of food we spotted at the spice bazaar (and take note of the little signs that go with some of them!):

and because some people in our group took too long at the spice bazaar, we only had less than two hours at the grand bazaar!! waahhh.... that's because they close at 7pm! so it was speed shopping, haggling, paying, and packing! look at the beautiful interiors (this is how you can find your way around the many alleys—memorize the fabulous ceilings!):
and just a hint of the stuff stuff stuff for sale!

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