Sunday, December 04, 2011

shopping in seoul (picture heavy!)

when we were in korea, we only hit the tip of the iceberg when it came to the shopping. we did most of our quickie shopping in the major shopping area called myeongdong. it's mostly closed off from traffic, but every so often, you have to make way for little trucks that pass through.
myeongdong has all the major international brands like H&M, zara, forever 21, uniqlo, etc. and a the face shop store in practically every corner you turn—just like your neighborhood sari-sari store! i think i spotted five! (and that's easy, with KHJ's giant face and cardboard cutout ;-)

this guy must've been trying to sell this lady some potion to make her grow taller:
random trucks probably illegally parked, selling oranges:
and here's a funny sign i spotted hee-hee:
an interesting wall in a store (hmmm magaya nga sa bahay...):
if you want to buy local handicrafts and souvenirs, head to insadong, which is a long street full of charming little shops:
love these colorful little pincushions! (i wanted to buy them all, but these are things that gather dust, unless you sew):
owls and piggies and turtles:
attractive displays for handmade soap and hair accessories:
scary masks:
parang naligaw yata sila:
at night, we headed to hongdae, where all the bagets hang out because there is a university in the area:
aside from the shopping, there are also tons of bars, karaoke places, and dance clubs. we actually went to one called Q-vo "real hiphop club." and wouldn't you know it, the night we went was free entrance for ladies, foreigners, and students! two out of three, score!
we actually went a little early, i.e., waaay before midnight, so after two drinks we were bored. so half of the group wanted to leave. half of us decided to stay because we requested for "moves like jagger" (in a hiphop club??) and we wanted to wait for the DJ to play it. so half left.. and after two minutes came back.. they were not allowed to leave before midnight!! can you imagine?? because we got in for free, the trade-off was that we had to stay till midnight! reverse curfew! well, it was a good thing they stayed because the DJ eventually played our request!

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