Saturday, December 31, 2011

top 10 trends of 2011

every december 31 since this blog started in 2005, i make a list of the past year's top 10 fashion trends (of manila, that is). and one constant since 2006 has been the platform shoe that it's no longer a trend—it's now a fashion mainstay. the only difference is that every year, the heels get higher and the designs get weirder! the highest i have seen is a whopping seven inches! and this isn't on lady gaga, mind you; this is just on regular gals who love to dress up and party. while i myself am surprised to actually own a five-inch (!) pair of platforms, i have yet to master the art of running in them—some women have! so i'm deleting platforms from the list for now. another trend that's become a commonplace accessory is hats or some sort of headgear. wearing fascinators reached fever pitch the weeks after the royal wedding, then it sort of fell flat. people still wear some variation of it, as well as hats. and what about nerdy eyeglasses, which seemed to be more popular on guys (straight and gay), than on girls. even i don't wear mine anymore (but that's because i sat on them and it broke, duh). and how about those denim cutoffs with the pockets peeking out or short short shorts that practically look like panties? ho-hum...

presenting my annual list of the past year's top fashion trends (in no particular order) (and because i failed to take any photos throughout the year like i usually do, i'm grabbing photos *again* from! thank you, stylebible! :-)

1. palazzo pants: these floor sweepers came in all kinds of materials, from jersey knits to full-on sequins, and could be dressed up or down with a simple change of top, shoes, and accessories. pic: divine at the jenni epperson book launch
2. nude platform pumps: a trend that crept up on us, especially after all those royal weddings, where most of the female guests wore easter-egg-colored suits and their proper nude pumps. pic: charmaine at the louis vuitton opening
3. neon lipstick: you could spot someone a mile away in a dark, smokey club, thanks to neon orange or fuchsia lips. matching the outfit optional. pic: bubbles at philippine fashion week

4. crayola-colored nail polish (and other weird shades): red? boring! black? so over! nails now come in crayola colors like yellow, blue, and green, or in strange shades like gray and phlegm green. pic: myrza matches her fingers and toes to her dress at the esquire magazine launch
5. brogues: since five-inch heels are no longer cutting edge, the only way to go is down. and with a menswear-inspired shoe. cute when worn with socks and shorts, fresh when worn with a skirt or dress, and very model-off-duty when worn with cuffed skinny jeans. pic: zoe at philippine fashion week
6. jersey dresses and gowns: who doesn't want to look like a grecian goddess? though we might suddenly experience a shortage in jersey material because it takes yards and yards of fabric to achieve those drapes. pic: ana at the esquire magazine launch
7. maxi skirts: another version of the floor sweeper. long skirts were just so damn comfortable—plus you didn't have to shave your legs! pic: anne at the shu uemura x wong kar wai launch
8. sheer skirt or palazzos with opaque mini or shorts underneath: this is the alanganin trend. not quite willing to go sheer all the way, see-through skirts or palazzos were kept modest with the addition of a mini or shorts, respectively, underneath. pic: jae at philippine fashion week
9. ultimate designer collaborations: this year, women all over the world went into a frenzy when these two collaborations were launched: missoni x target and versace x H&M. people from here traveled to hong kong or singapore for the versace collection. and if you were ordering missoni online, then you were one of the millions who caused the target website to crash. but wait till next year when H&M releases its marni collab! aaahhh!!! pic: target website's apology
10. style bloggers: these young, stylish women who post photos of themselves in cute outfits were suddenly everywhere! being flown to new york fashion week, winning international competitions, endorsing products, being fĂȘted left and right, and demanding exorbitant fees for appearances! yoo-hoo, don't forget me, i'm here! pic: L-R tricia gosingtian (, laureen uy (, camille co (

runners-up: feather accessories, color blocking, oversize clutches, stacks of bangles, and those dang hand sanitzers hanging from bags

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