Wednesday, September 19, 2012

three in one

today it was back to events-all-night! in spite of the crazy rain and horrendous traffic, i made it to three events to support industry friends and colleagues. it started with preview magazine's PEFTA (preview emerging fashion talent awards, tama ba?) show at rockwell tent at 4pm. traffic on edsa was soooo bad, it took me nearly two hours to get there from manila! i got there as pablo cabahug was presenting his collection. 

next was tatler magazine's 11th anniv party at buddha bar, which was a challenge to get to because they wouldn't allow cars to get in the driveway--and it was raining! but the guards were kind enough to escort guests with their umbrellas, fancy shoes be damned! look who i bumped into! below, left to right: lulu tan-gan, tim yap, me

finally i had to walk under the rain again back to the car to drive to fiamma for the absolut vodka mode edition launch. louis claparols was presenting a collection! i made it just as the show began! 

congrats, louis! 

and here's what i wore! cos dress, michael antonio booties, croc clutch from bali, short necklace from bangkok, long necklace by raoul, H&M orange headband. 
i'm tired!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

bo concept's 60th anniv

today was an unusual day. well, evening actually. because i had no invites to any events or tickets to any shows—even though there was a lot happening tonight! quite liberating actually. it meant i had a free evening! and i didn't have to get dressed! so i had a nice dinner with the hubby and my parents at 2nds. but before that, i dropped by an afternoon event at MOS design in bonifacio high street. it was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of bo concept, a super high-end, super expensive line of furniture from denmark. take a look at some of the displays. love!

so i took advantage of the displays and used one of them as a backdrop for today's outfit post! kate torralba for paper dolls cardigan, plains & prints sleeveless dress, aldo wedges, louis vuitton pochette, trucco necklace.

Monday, September 17, 2012

adam levine rocks with bench

i haven't even written about last week's spectacular bench universe show, then here comes bench announcing their new international celebrity endorser. what a shock it was to get the invitation to the press con last thursday, the day of the first bench universe show!

when i posted the above pic on twitter and instagram, of course i had to block out the date, time, and location of the press con lest they get stalkers hehe.. but bench always gives fans and followers a chance to see their idols—there was to be a separate meet-and-greet with adam levine at SMX right after the press con.

so today we, the media, were given specific instructions to be at salon de ning by 430pm because they will close the doors by 445pm and start the press con by 5pm and by 520pm, adam will be whisked away! ok! so i was there by 4! and ben was already there!

we were ushered in by 430pm and because i was at the front of the queue, i got the best seat in the house! well, not the best seat because there were only 20 chairs, all reserved. i got the best standing spot—i was right smack dab in the center with a clear unobstructed view. woo-hoo!

he finally came out at 534pm! here he is seated on the red leather chair with host raymond gutierrez, who read our pre-approved questions.

here's a shot of a smiling adam, laydeez and gheyz!

a few expressions! which one do you like best??

the tatts! (and ooops a crotch shot, hindi po sinasadya...)

photo op with ben chan!

congrats, ben and bench, for this casting coup! what an exciting 25th anniversary year this has been so far! now i'd like to see other local retailers top THIS international celeb endorser!

watch out for the full story in next week's issue of style weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2012

style weekend - sep 14

pls buy manila bulletin today (sep 14) for your free copy of manila bulletin! on the cover: supermodel jasmine maierhofer wears the season's daring trend, printed pantsuits! photographed by rxandy capinpin, styling by eldzs mejia, makeup by mayesa delos santos, hair by jay wee. pantsuit and turtleneck by harvic dominguez, pumps by dumond, socks by uniqlo, flower brooch, stylist's own.

also in this issue: agoo bengzon's mon-sun style, fashion designers with restaurants, body skin care products, plus new section! home style featuring phoenix home of nix alañon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

smizing with a top model

i was just saying how it pays to sometimes get dressed for work. so this is what i wore to the office:
free people jacket, folded & hung tank top, marks & spencer skirt, marni heels, assorted gold necklaces.

because i had to drop by manila hotel and check on a shoot for next friday's issue. and look who i bumped into:
it's dominique of america's next top model all-stars! remember when she was here a few months ago for the launch of michael cinco's fragrance for bench? well, she's back for bench! catch her and a couple of other ANTM finalists (and winner!) at the bench universe shows on sep 13 and 14! and of course i had to have a photo op! rather i dared to smize next to a top model!!

now open: joanna preysler

check out this new store in greenbelt 5! joanna preysler, one of the owners of carbon and tint, now has her own line of bags. but not just any bags. the bags in her eponymous collection are made of luxury skins like crocodile, python, ostrich, and shagreen. and are *relatively* affordable (compared to international designer brands!). totes are her signature shape and croc the signature material. two of my faves below!

Monday, September 10, 2012

beauty blog: tresemmé

this is not a paid post! this is an honest-to-goodness testimonial! if you know me, then you must be well-acquainted with my buhaghag hair. i have tried many shampoos that promised straight, silky, soft, smooth, shiny hair. ok my hair will never be any of that unless i get a blowout at the beauty parlor. i'll even settle for soft and untangled. i've tried a lot of brands, from cheap supermarket brands to expensive salon-exclusive labels. the best so far is kérastase, but who can afford to use that on a regular basis? i have to wait for free samples hehe..

so when i saw photos of tresemmé popping up on instagram, i thought ho-hum another shampoo and conditioner claiming to give you straight, silky, soft, smooth, shiny hair—yes, all the s's. i didn't bite. till i received a full bottle each of the shampoo and conditioner at the JC buendia fashion gala last month. it even took me a while to take them out of the bag. and when i finally did and used them, oh em gee, i love it! shampoo pa lang my hair felt so soft na, i didn't even have to use the conditioner! which of course made my hair even softer. now my hair will never be straight without a proper blowout, but with tresemmé at least my hair is less buhaghag.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

the world does not revolve around instagram!

ok time to get back to blogging. if you follow me on instagram then you know i've been a pretty regular instagram poster (regular? more like flooding the feed!). but i realize now that not everyone is on instagram. i took it for granted because i was on an iPhone. but not everyone is on an iPhone, hence not everyone has access to instagram. hence the need to blog! so watch this space!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the second philippine fashion ball

this was last night at the peninsula manila! attire requested: black & white. what i wore: a strapless dress! i rarely ever wear strapless dresses but rhett eala assured me it wouldn't fall off hahaha.. he hand-painted this canvas fabric himself. he told me not to wear platform shoes, to pick something more dainty. glad i didn't throw out these slingbacks by BCBG max azria during my recent spring-cleaning frenzy! (gave away 60 pairs of shoes!) completed the look with my lola's vintage purse and a long strand of black pearls bought at SM kultura and twirled around my wrist to look like a cuff.

Friday, August 24, 2012

style weekend - aug 24

pls buy manila bulletin today (aug24) for your free copy of style weekend! on the cover: vanessa matsunaga wears an outfit from JC buendia's 25th anniversary fashion gala (it's on aug27!). photographed by cyrus panganiban, makeup by allen rosales, hair by xander flores. 

also inside: the mon-sun style of yvette religioso-ilagan, the polka-dot craze, katy perry's movie about herself, filipino cuisine with a continental twist, and more!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

AVA private designer sale

don't forget to RSVP your attendance via the website if you want to get in for free! your name has to be on the list. see you there!

Friday, August 17, 2012

style weekend - aug 17

pls buy manila bulletin today (aug17) for your free copy of style weekend! on the cover: supermodel jessica yang mixes classic + contemporary. photographed by shaira luna at MCAD (museum of contemporary art & design). makeup by ruel papa, hair by ralph dela cruz, styling by liza ilarde. jacket by raoul, boots by rusty lopez.

also in this issue: mon-sun style of K&company's katherine cheng, julie roces and her handmade parchment-craft artwork (she's isabel roces's mom!), desserts and more at BHS central, organic beauty products to try, and more!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RIP: helen gurley brown

Helen Gurley Brown, Who Gave Cosmopolitan Its Purr, Dies at 90

Helen Gurley Brown, who as the author of “Sex and the Single Girl” shocked early-1960s America with the news that unmarried women not only had sex but thoroughly enjoyed it — and who as the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine spent the next three decades telling those women precisely how to enjoy it even more — died on Monday in Manhattan. She was 90, though parts of her were considerably younger.

The Hearst Corporation, Cosmopolitan’s publisher, said in a news release that she died at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital after a brief stay there. She lived in Manhattan.

As Cosmopolitan’s editor from 1965 until 1997, Ms. Brown was widely credited with being the first to introduce frank discussions of sex into magazines for women. The look of women’s magazines today — a sea of voluptuous models and titillating cover lines — is due in no small part to her influence.

Before she arrived at Cosmopolitan, Ms. Brown had already shaken the collective consciousness with her best-selling book “Sex and the Single Girl.” Published in 1962, the year before Betty Friedan ignited the modern women’s movement with“The Feminine Mystique,” it taught unmarried women how to look their best, have delicious affairs and ultimately bag a man for keeps, all in breathless, aphoristic prose. (Ms. Brown was a former advertising copywriter.)

By turns celebrated and castigated, Ms. Brown was for decades a highly visible, though barely visible, public presence. A tiny, fragile-looking woman who favored big jewelry, fishnet stockings and minidresses till she was well into her 80s, she was a regular guest at society soirees and appeared often on television. At 5 feet 4, she remained a wraithlike hundred pounds throughout her adult life. That weight, she often said, was five pounds above her ideal.
Ms. Brown routinely described herself as a feminist, but whether her work helped or hindered the cause of women’s liberation has been publicly debated for decades. It will doubtless be debated long after her death. What is safe to say is that she was a Janus-headed figure in women’s history, simultaneously progressive and retrogressive in her approach to women’s social roles.
Few magazines have been identified so closely with a single editor as Cosmopolitan was with Ms. Brown. Before she took over, Cosmopolitan, like its competitors, was every inch a postwar product. Its target reader was a married suburbanite, preoccupied with maintaining the perfect figure, raising the perfect child and making the perfect Jell-O salad.

Ms. Brown tossed the children and the Jell-O, though she kept the diet advice with a vengeance. Yes, readers would need to land Mr. Right someday — the magazine left little doubt that he was still every woman’s grail. But in an era in which an unmarried woman was called an old maid at 23, the new Cosmopolitan gave readers license not to settle for settling down with just anyone, and to enjoy the search with blissful abandon for however long it took. Sex as an end in itself was perfectly fine, the magazine assured them. As a means to an end — the right husband, the right career, the right designer labels — it was better still.

In Ms. Brown’s hands, Cosmopolitan anticipated “Sex and the City” by three decades.

Gone was the housewife, apron in tow. In her place was That Cosmopolitan Girl, the idealized reader on whom Ms. Brown and her advertisers firmly trained their sights. Unencumbered by husband and children, the Cosmo Girl was self-made, sexual and supremely ambitious, a potent amalgam of Ragged DickSammy Glick and Holly Golightly. She looked great, wore fabulous clothes and had an unabashedly good time when those clothes came off.

Forty-three when she took the magazine’s helm, Ms. Brown often described the Cosmo Girl as the young woman she had been — or dreamed of being — 20 years before.

A child of the Ozarks, Helen Marie Gurley was born on Feb. 18, 1922, in Green Forest, Ark., the younger of two daughters of a family of modest means. Her father, Ira, was a schoolteacher, as her mother, the former Cleo Sisco, had been before her marriage.

“I never liked the looks of the life that was programmed for me — ordinary, hillbilly and poor — and I repudiated it from the time I was 7 years old,” Ms. Brown wrote in her book “Having It All” (1982).

When Helen was a baby, Ira Gurley was elected to the state legislature, and the family moved to Little Rock. In 1932, when she was 10, Ira was killed in an elevator accident, leaving her mother depressed and impoverished. In 1937, Mrs. Gurley moved with her daughters to Los Angeles. There, Helen’s older sister, Mary, contracted polio; she spent the rest of her life paralyzed from the waist down and in later years battled alcoholism.

Though Helen was valedictorian of her high school class, she feared she could never transcend her family circumstances. At a time when a young woman’s main chance was to marry well, she felt ill equipped. She did not consider herself pretty, she wrote years afterward, and had rampant, intractable acne. In “Having It All,” she coined the word “mouseburger” to describe young women like her. [mouseburger, n., pejorative, < mouse + -burger. A physically unprepossessing woman with little money and few prospects. Cf. milquetoast, said of men].

Helen Gurley persevered. She studied briefly at Texas State College for Women (it is now Texas Women’s University), but with no money to continue, she returned to Los Angeles and enrolled in secretarial school, from which she graduated in 1941.

Around this time she had a short, inadvertent career as an escort. At 19, as Ms. Brown recounted in her memoir “I’m Wild Again” (2000), she answered a newspaper advertisement seeking young women for “social evenings.” She needed to support her mother and sister: What could be simpler, she reasoned, than earning $5 for going on a date? On her first outing, she and her gentleman caller parked and kissed a bit before the full extent of her responsibilities dawned on her. She fled with her $5 and her virtue.

She went on to hold a string of secretarial jobs — 17 by her own count — and discovered the measure of security that sex could bring. At every office, or so it seemed, there were bosses eager to fondle and dandle. In exchange, there might be a fur or an apartment or the wherewithal to keep her family going.

Helen Gurley eventually became an advertising copywriter in Los Angeles, first with Foote, Cone & Belding and later with Kenyon & Eckhardt. In 1959 she married David Brown, a former managing editor of Cosmopolitan who had become a Hollywood producer. “I look after him like a geisha girl,” she told The New York Times in 1970.

Mr. Brown, who produced “Jaws” and other well-known films, died in 2010; the couple had no children. Ms. Brown’s sister, Mary Gurley Alford, died before her.
This year Ms. Brown gave $30 million to Columbia and Stanford Universities, both of which Mr. Brown had attended, to create the David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

In the early 1960s, Ms. Brown found herself at loose ends and cast about for a project. Her husband, who had recently stumbled on a cache of letters she had written in her 20s to a married man who was smitten with her, persuaded her to write “Sex and the Single Girl.”

Though the book seems almost quaint today (“An affair can last from one night to forever”), it caused a sensation when it was published in 1962 by Bernard Geis Associates. It sold millions of copies, turned Ms. Brown into a household name and inspired a movie of the same title starring Natalie Wood, released in 1964.

In 1963, the Browns moved to New York. Two years later, the Hearst Corporation asked Ms. Brown to take over Cosmopolitan, one of its less prepossessing magazines. Becalmed in the doldrums, Cosmopolitan favored articles on home and hearth, along with uplifting discussions of current affairs (“The Lyndon Johnson Only His Family Knows”).

Ms. Brown had never held an editing job, but her influence on Cosmopolitan was swift and certain: she did not so much revamp the magazine as vamp it.

Where just months earlier Cosmo’s covers had featured photos of demure, high-collared girl-next-door types like Mary Tyler Moore, Ms. Brown’s first issue, July 1965, showed a voluptuous blond model whose deep cleavage was barely contained by her plunging neckline.

What Cosmopolitan’s previous cover lines had lacked in pith and punch (“Diabetes: Will Your Children Inherit It?”), Ms. Brown’s more than made up for. “World’s Greatest Lover — What it was like to be wooed by him!” her inaugural cover proclaimed. Ms. Brown was not shy about disclosing the fact that in her 32 years with the magazine, her husband wrote all the cover lines.

Readers and advertisers flocked to the new Cosmo. When Ms. Brown took over, the magazine had a circulation of less than 800,000; at its height, in the 1980s, circulation approached three million.

Ms. Brown’s magazine did not find favor with everyone. In 1970, a group of feminists led by Kate Millett staged a sit-in at Ms. Brown’s office, protesting what they saw as her retrograde vision of womanhood. Even several nude male centerfolds (Burt Reynolds, April 1972; Arnold Schwarzenegger, August 1977) were for many critics insufficient counterweights.

But in retrospect, Ms. Brown’s work seems strikingly apolitical, beholden mostly to the politics of personal advancement. (In “Having It All,” she compares herself, favorably, to Eva Peron.) The advice she offered Cosmopolitan’s readers on winning the right friends and influencing the right people was squarely in the tradition of Dale Carnegie, if less vertically inclined.

Ms. Brown was declared a living landmark by the New York Landmarks Conservancy, a private nonprofit organization, in 1995. Like many landmarks, she had much restoration work done, which she spoke of candidly: a nose job, breast augmentation, face-lifts, eye lifts and injections of silicone and fat into her face to keep wrinkles at bay, among other procedures.

But while she could offset the physical tolls of aging, Ms. Brown could not always keep pace with changing times. She drew wide criticism for publishing an article in the January 1988 issue of Cosmopolitan that played down the risk of AIDS for heterosexual women. In the 1990s, when prominent men like Justice Clarence Thomas and Senator Robert Packwood were facing accusations of sexual harassment, Ms. Brown publicly disdained the charges, arguing that sexual attention from men is almost always flattering. Her remarks angered many feminists.

In 1996, with circulation declining and the perception that Ms. Brown had lost touch with her readers growing, Hearst announced that she would step down the next year as editor in chief. Ms. Brown’s last issue was February 1997; she was succeeded by Bonnie Fuller, the founding editor of the American edition of Marie Claire magazine.

Ms. Brown stayed on as the editor of Cosmopolitan’s international editions, continuing to work from an office appointed with pink silk walls, leopard-print carpet and a cushion embroidered with the maxim “Good Girls Go to Heaven/Bad Girls Go Everywhere.”

A biography of Ms. Brown, “Bad Girls Go Everywhere,” by Jennifer Scanlon, was published by Oxford University Press in 2009.

Ms. Brown’s other books include “Sex and the Office” (1964), “Helen Gurley Brown’s Single Girl’s Cookbook” (1969) and “Sex and the New Single Girl” (1970), all published by Bernard Geis. In 1993, William Morrow published “The Late Show,” Ms. Brown’s advice book for women over 50, in which she suggests that as women age and the supply of available men dwindles, they should simply appropriate their friends’ husbands for jaunty recreational sex.

Perhaps none of these things — not the books, not the unabashed look of Cosmopolitan and its legion of imitators, not the giddy pleasure with which American women embraced sex without shame — would have happened quite as soon if Ms. Brown had heeded a single piece of advice. In 1962, just before “Sex and the Single Girl” was due to be published, she received a telegram from her mother. In an interview with CNN in 1998, Ms. Brown recalled its contents.

“dear helen,” it read. “if you move very quickly, i think we can stop publication of the book.”

(article from 

Friday, August 10, 2012

style weekend - aug 10

pls buy manila bulletin today (aug10) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our beauty special! on the cover: one of the most beautiful women in the world, penelope cruz, the face of lancôme.

also in this issue: four f/w makeup looks, cosmetics that do more, the new BB creams, pink scents, animal-print accessories, and more!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

RIP: anna piaggi

Fashion world mourns death of fashion writer Anna Piaggi
Italian style icon and fashion journalist, Anna Piaggi, has passed away aged 81.

Piaggi, who was famous in the fashion world for her pale blue hair and eccentric style, was today found dead in her home in the Italian style capital of Milan.

The 81-year-old, who was credited with introducing vintage fashion to the Italians was a celebrated fashion writer who contributed extensively to Vogue Italia with her fanastical double-page spreads.
An unmissable fixture at catwalk shows, the Milanese commentator contributed to numerous publications, including La Settimana Incom, Epoca, Linea Italiana, Annabella, Panorama, L'Espresso and Arianna.

In 2006, London's Victoria & Albert museum celebrated her inimitable style by staging an exhibition, 'Anna Piaggi Fashion-ology', exhibiting personal clothes archive, highlighting her extensive collection of vintage couture and designer clothing including garments by Balenciaga, Fendi, Galliano and Poiret
Franca Sozzani, the editor of Vogue Italia , for whom Piaggi penned a column entitled 'D.P. Doppie Pagine di Anna Piaggi' paid tribute to Piaggi on Twitter writing: "23 years working together, milions of D.P. done together. Will remember you for ever Anna".

Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese also took to the social media site to express her words on the style guru: "So sad to hear that Anna Piaggi, one of my last icons of beauty & fashion has passed. She was the height of glamorous eccentricity."

(from (photo credit: david bailey)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

marc by marc jacobs fall 2012

last thursday, there was a mini fashion show at greenbelt 5 presenting marc by marc jacobs' fall 2012 collection. here are some key pieces to expect when the clothes hit the stores later this month.

sleeveless shift dresses. pretty as is, great for layering when you travel. you can wear a boxy sweater over it or a thin turtleneck underneath, then top with a coat or jacket:

loose-fitting dresses. perfect for those days when you know you're going to eat a lot!

printed blouses. easy to wear with anything--with shorts for the weekend, or trousers for work:

classic top-and-skirt combo that can look school marm-ish if styled wrongly. but hey it's marc jacobs!

oh and here's what i wore! H&M sweatshirt top, COS skirt, rusty lopez booties, fendi bag.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

friday it's friday

when friday rolls around, while most people say TGIF, I say ONIF, which means oh no it's friday! (got that from louis claparols's facebook wall and i could relate!) that's because friday is closing day for style weekend. that's when we have to make sure all articles and photos are submitted, edited, laid out, proofread, then sent off to the printers. that's when I put out the virtual do-not-disturb sign.
above: j.crew cardigan, folded & hung tank top, unica hija skirt, leggings from tiangge, fitflop patent clogs (bagay sa ulan)

so friday dressing has to be comfortable, stretchy, not tight, easy to move in, does not require holding your breath, and, above all, is not meant to be seen in public! but since i started posting my outfits, i now make an effort (which is good because you never know who might drop by the office, or if you suddenly have to attend an event). i noticed i hadn't been posting most friday outfits because that's when i post style weekend's cover. so aside from the above, here's what friday's print-a-day challenge looks like! (not too many since i just started the challenge last month)
above: plains & prints dress, mix cardigan, sandals from bali, prada belt

above: j.crew cardigan (repeat performance), topshop dress, unarosa leggings, coach flats, vintage belt

Friday, August 03, 2012

style weekend - aug 3

pls buy manila bulletin today (aug3) for your free copy of style weekend! on the cover: the super-chic and super-classy mandy de la rama-santos. follow her on follow, her new TV show on 2nd avenue! photographed by cyrus panganiban, makeup by mayesa delos santos, hair by hyatt laurel, dress by rajo laurel (mandy styled herself!).

also in this issue: B&W fashion, shoe deals, hair products and services, sun-mon style of patty betita, south cotabato tour guide, romantic restos, and more!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

typhoon gener

wow this typhoon gener just won't go away! last sunday night when the wind suddenly got strong, then the lights started to flicker and eventually went out... eek! scurry...

then this morning, all that strong wind was back! i took a peek at manila bay and this is what i saw... eek!
waves almost as tall as the coconut trees and slamming hard against the breakwater, flooding roxas boulevard! pedring proportions na toh! i know people who were stuck in traffic for over two hours and had to wade through knee-deep waters just to get to work.

when the wind subsided a bit, we decided to brave the flood and traffic on roxas to get to work in intramuros. portions were still flooded and i saw piles of basura that washed up on shore along the baywalk. thankfully, the city was cleaning it all up!

so since today was a wet day, I was in a waterproof outfit from head to toe, just in case I had to wade through intramuros flood (thank god I didn't). what I wore: mango raincoat, DVF x gap kids' T-shirt, muji men's shorts (I like to call this my chef shorts), burberry rainboots, longchamp bag, rafe belt (like how the bee and the belt match?), specs from seoul.
and if my day wasn't exciting enough, in the late afternoon just outside my office window, i saw these men standing on the intramuros walls. then i noticed another group of men combing the area behind it with the overgrown plants and weeds, who were later joined by the police and the guardia civil—with guns! ohmygod, was there a giant snake, a buwaya, a dead body?? it turns out it was a snatcher who ran and tried to hide there. he was caught. eek! what a way to start the month!