Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the fash packs: bangkok

last week i left for bangkok and once again failed to post anything during my travels. i was there to attend a press conference for a health food/ingredients and natural/organic beauty trade fair happening in bangkok in march. so it was purely business with a tour and a bit of shopping thrown in. this is where i was booked:
i stayed at the four wings. not related to the four seasons. below, the room, bathroom, and view:
ugh. i hate views like this. i hate looking into other windows, and i hate other buildings blocking my view. and this is what i looked like when i checked in:
ngarag. my plane outfit: vintage black cardigan (thrifted at reno, nevada), sleeveless knit top by kate torralba for paper dolls, slim black pants by herbench, tan flats by dexter (from payless), red tote bag by longchamp.

day 2 was when everything happened: press con, lunch, tour, dinner, shopping. since this was not a fasyon event, i thought it best to dress simply but appropriately. when it comes to business-y events like this with the regional press, attire can run the gamut from dark corporate suits to jeans and flip-flops—you never know how people are going to dress! what i wore fit right in between:
my press con outfit: striped top by topshop, navy slim trousers by gap, black flats by dexter (from payless), black tote bag by longchamp, green-pendant necklace by crû, gold-bead necklace from hong kong. after lunch, we toured the grand palace. i have been to bangkok many times, but i never even knew this existed! (that's because we come here to shop and eat!) what an awesome place. i loved the colors, the patterns, the shapes in this complex of spectacular temples, halls, stupas, statues, structures—grand, indeed!

see how the giant demon cooperated and matched my outfit hehe...
finally on day 3, it was time to go home. check out the hubby's new maleta by salvador bachiller, which i borrowed. i never had a maleta that had its own lampin hahaha! so arte!
one last shot of my return-flight outfit (can't you tell i love stripes?? hehe): cardigan by kate torralba for paper dolls (yes, i bought the whole collection!), fuchsia tank top by U2, brown pants by herbench, tan flats by dexter (from payless), red tote bag by longchamp, slingbag by louis vuitton, cheap shades by H&M.
tomorrow: all about the flight!

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