Thursday, January 26, 2012

flight to bangkok (and back)

my flight to bangkok last week was via philippine airlines. i was kinda dreading it because the last time i flew PAL was to seoul last november, when they were having a lot of problems with the strikes. so it affected their service as well. back then, i flew economy and our food was served in boxes:
parang packed lunch! when the FA asked what drink i'd like, i asked for wine. they said, sorry we're only serving beer. hoookay, beer it is:
this time, going to bangkok, i was booked in business class. well, can't complain! champagne before and after takeoff!
for lunch, we started with marinated prawns and scallop in lemongrass with green mango salad:
and for main course, i chose pistachio-crusted seabass in lime lemon veloute with roasted onion and potato gratin:
i was so happy with my meal! the food was good, the service was good, the flight was good. like i said, can't complain! (but, really, they must do away with the plastic knife—other airlines have!)

but alas i was brought back down to earth because my return flight was booked in economy. huwaaat?? that's what happens with sponsored flights—surprise, surprise! there was no champagne before or after takeoff, and lunch was a choice between chicken or beef. i asked how they were cooked. "the chicken is like afritada and the beef is stewed." i opted for beef:
well, i must say, the food was actually good. and so was the service. and the flight. can't complain. (for a short three-hour flight, that is...)

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