Monday, January 09, 2012

greenhills shopping day

today was black nazarene day and you know what that's like. not fun in the philippines. in fact, it's downright dangerous, but these devotees are obsessed fanatics and will go through hell and high water just to have the corner of their bimpo touch the statue. as of post time, over 300 people have already been injured. so i opted not to go to my office in intramuros, which was closed off. so i proclaimed a liza holiday and went shopping with my mother.

last year, i was gifted with some greenhills shopping center gift certificates. on the GC it states "before use, please proceed to the customer service booth for assistance and validation." an information booth was the best we could find and they said we could go ahead and use it at any tiangge stall. eh kung hindi tanggapin? "sabihin nyo lang sa guard para sabihan sila." hookay. is this what she meant?
so the tiangges in greenhills haven't changed much. the pekes are still there. lots of "tory burch" bags and shoes (with matching box!). and the new kid in town is "cath kidston." i remember a few years ago, i spotted a speedy-shaped bag made of a gucci logo material splattered with murakami cherries. tama ba yon?? this time i spotted a "longchamp le pliage" bag with a "paul smith" print. two for the price of one! hahaha...
and the winner cartoon character this year is angry birds. they were on everything! (parang i like the plushy red tote bag below...)
and the most popular christmas-gift item from greenhills were these jelly cases for cell phones, coins, glasses, and lipstick. love the colors!
and for the apple fan, how about an apple lamp? (hmmm maybe for the hubby's upcoming birthday...)
and look at these super-cute dresses for little girls! i bought that tiny black-and-blue floral dress for my managing editor who just had a baby last month, sshhh...
well, it was fun to use the GCs. although some stalls were completely clueless about the existence of such GCs and we couldn't be bothered to look for a guard and make sumbong, this is the only GC that gives back change—in cash! we were ready to walk away with P20 left on the GC and nothing else to buy, when the salesperson whipped out a bill. how refreshing!

after lunch, mother and i ended up in megamall. i was in the market for some brogues. i spotted some at primadonna. hmmm which one to get?
i ended up with a pair of black & white saddle shoes from payless! super sale!
tomorrow: where we had lunch!


Vannie said...

love the iphone case! is that in orange? where did you get it?

the fash pack said...

when i inherited the hubby's iphone 4s, he also gave me his case. it's by, where celebrities design all sorts of stuff for charity. apparently, this orange case is by katy perry! the iphone cases are available at digital walker, digital hub, and beyond the box for around P1,600