Tuesday, January 10, 2012

let's eat: naci comfort food & dessert bar

when it comes to restaurants, the greenhills area is filled with hidden gems tucked away in little corners of the shopping centers or within buildings along the annapolis or connecticut strips. one such eatery is naci, which labels itself as a comfort food & dessert bar. i say it's more like creative comfort food.
i had heard and read about the place, and in fact featured it on style weekend. but it was my first time to check out the place and i'm glad i finally did! interiors are simple and cozy, and they played standards:
when dear mother and i eat out, we like to order lots of little dishes and share. so we ordered salad, soup, and appetizers. everything was big enough to share. we started with kani mango crunch (P160). "layers of assorted greens, kani, ripe mangoes, cucumber with crispy wonton and vermicelli drizzled with wasabi mayo":
i love kani-mango salad, but this was different. the crispy wonton and vermicelli added an interesting texture and the wasabi mayo was subtle and not at all overwhelming. still very fresh and light. the manager suggested we order tita em's chowder (P150), simply for novelty's sake—the "creamy, hearty chowder with shrimps, fresh corn kernels and bacon" was served in carved-out sourdough bread:
very filling as you might expect. and the bread was good too. our "main course" was two appetizers. first, beef taco springroll (P190). "crispy springroll stuffed with beef taco, tomato salsa served with sour cream":
this was quite unexpected. the wrapper was thin and crispy, not thick and "nakaka-busog" like regular springrolls. and i'm glad that they were generous with the sour cream. then we had shrimps on toast (P190). "minced white shrimps with chopped pork and vegetables served with tomato salsa, cheese sauce and spicy tomato":
this is best eaten hot, so don't allow it to get cold before you dig in, otherwise the toast gets soggy. and if that wasn't enough, we were offered dessert—syempre naman, that's their specialty! apparently, they make the desserts fresh in their kitchen located on another floor. we decided to share one slice of their best-seller, caramel cream cake (P85 a slice).
we expected it to be really sweet and "nakaka-sawa" but it was surprisingly light! i almost regert not ordering my own slice haha... all in all it was a nice, pleasant lunch with good food in a relaxed atmosphere.

naci is located at 2/f fox square, connecticut st., greenhills, san juan, tel 726-7266, www.facebook.com/nacicomfortfood

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