Sunday, January 08, 2012

it's more fun in the philippines

i need to catch up on all the fun!! because while new DOT secretary mon jimenez jr launched the new tourism slogan last friday and got everyone to join in on the "fun," i had deadlines deadlines deadlines!!! yes, three major deadlines: next week's issue of style weekend (of course, that happens every friday—we put the next friday's issue to bed); then i had to write an essay for mega magazine's 20th anniversary issue (out next month!); then i had to write about my istanbul-athens trip for asian dragon magazine (in case you didn't know, i'm editor in chief of their annual weddings magazine, whut??). whatevs!

by now you've all seen the hashtag on twitter #1forfun, and all the memes circulating on facebook. i am loving it! whoever thought if it, i think it was quite clever to use the # sign as part of the abbreviated slogan to mean number one, and also "coincidentally" making it a hashtag on twitter. so any time you want to promote something on twitter as "more fun in the philippines," simply say #1forfun. very clever. it started trending even before the official launch last friday.

then when everyone saw the photos posted on the website, people started making their own versions. and they are all so witty!! this is what the website had:
and some very very creative types came up with their own versions, which look like official ads! i like the ones that really promote the unique and wonderful things about the country. below are some of the best ones i've seen on facebook (and more are being produced as we speak! when pinoys band together talaga, so much is accomplished!).

from roland benzon, pic of pahiyas festival by john albert cadag: from roland benzon, pic by mon corpuz: from roland benzon, pic off siargao island, surigao del norte, pic from from roland benzon, pic of birding adventures from (roland has some of the best, he made his album on facebook public): from les lesaca, pic of el nido, palawan by my awesome planet:
so fresh and so current! there are so many more! eto, isa pa! medyo nasty lang hahaha...
so i had to come out with something of my own too hehe... (sunset photographed in bataan by elbert cuenca)

i did a bit of traveling around the country in the last couple of years and saw some wonderful things i didn't even know existed right in my own "backyard"! and there is still so much to see. and if foreigners can get excited to see the philippines, then we should too. and it's heartwarming to see filipinos beaming with pride about their country through their creativity. bravo, DOT, for making the right choice. i'm sure this is the reaction you were hoping for and i'm sure it surpassed all your expectations.

for the official website, click here


Anonymous said...

I love it. Nice posting.

pimalai said...

Judging by those pictures, it looks like it really is going to be fun when I visit the Philippines. I'll party until I drop.