Sunday, January 15, 2012

repetto opening soon

spotted in greenbelt 3:
so it's true! i had been hearing this rumor for the last three months and there's the evidence. a boarded-up space in greenbelt 3—but not just any space! this had actual ballet slippers hanging from the wall! (more like toe shoes actually.) how clever! how cute! how creative! (and if you look closely, it looks like a pair had already been pried loose!)
so who's bringing repetto in? well, a pretty little birdy told us that it's suyen corp., i.e., the company that owns bench, human, dimensione, aldo, the face shop, et al. oooh they're taking over the shoe market! aside from aldo, suyen also carries call it spring and pedro, and now repetto.
exact location? it took over the space where madison used to be. right next to fruits & passion, and right across regatta. so are you egg-zited??

to know more about repetto, go here.

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