Wednesday, February 29, 2012

making rampa at the ramp

last year, the ramp at crossings department store made me a fun offer: to go through their racks and choose outfits to wear for my editor's note. but my holiday sked got crazy and i only finally found the time to do it last week! it was like letting a kid go wild in a toy store, i tell ya. first i had my makeup done at the MAC counter at rustan's, shangri-la plaza. this is the before shot:
and here is the after! (wow, what a ton of makeup and skilled hands can do! thank you to MAC makeup artist ricardo!)
the ramp in shangri-la plaza is filled with A LOT of clothes. it can get confusing and overwhelming. so i just took a cart (yes, they have carts with wheels, parang grocery) and picked out what i liked. after, i edited: i decided which pieces went together, figured out what the outfit lacked, filled in the blanks, and finally accessorized. i came up with four looks!

here is my evening-cocktails look: you can never go wrong with a classic black dress. the oversized pailettes give it personality. and because dressy affairs are usually in air-conditioned venues, a cover-up is always a good idea. i picked a men's blazer in a fabric with a nice sheen (i usually just rely on the hubby's suit hehe..). and for a touch of bling, a huuuge brooch. i didn't need anything else, just a shiny bag and heels. (coexist dress, mundo blazer, zuri brooch, the ramp pumps and clutch)

this is my i'm-the-boss look: a crisp white long-sleeved shirt is the perfect base for a corporate look—and this one says, don't mess with me or i'll stick a needle in your eye hahaha! (check out those prickly shoulders!) add a slim, knee-length skirt that means business, but is still feminine. (the ramp shirt, skirt, and tote, carmelettes loafer heels)

how about a relaxed, weekend look: ok, i don't wear anything this short in real life. i don't have the legs for it. but i thought it might be fun to layer a lace top over a striped tank dress. the dress has a detachable peter-pan collar, which is so uso now. i added silver accessories and wedge brogues. (pink manila top, the ramp dress, shoes, and accessories)

finally, i call this my flora & fauna look—this can be for work, lunch with the ladies, a date with the hubby, kahit pang grocery pwede: i picked out a polka-dot blouse and topped it with a floral-print waterfall-front jacket—mixing prints is my secret talent hahaha! to ground the crazy mix is a pair of slim trousers and a chain-link purse, both in black. i was deciding between a pair of black or colorblock pumps—the latter was too irresistible. see how they match the jacket! (seven dials blouse, pink manila jacket, the ramp trousers, pumps, purse, cat necklace)

so guess which outfit i picked to appear in my editor's note? find out in this friday's issue of style weekend! (thank you, the ramp!!!)

(all clothes available at the ramp, shangri-la plaza, glorietta 3, trinoma. for more info, go to or their facebook page)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new crocs, new you

crocs. what do you think—or feel—when you hear that word? for a lot of people—especially young people—it's eww. but the truth is a lot of these people have never even tried on a pair, much less entered a store. which is why this season, crocs enlisted the help of one young fashion icon-in-the-making to get people her age to try them out. "this was my first time to wear crocs," she admitted. "i can't believe how comfy they are!" crocs, meet laureen uy's feet. (or should it be the other way around?)
last week, crocs launched its latest collection at skye lounge. it was a hot afternoon (in fact, it was the hottest day of the year so far), so thank god for the giant umbrella and the big-ass fan.
there was a mini fashion show of the spring/summer collection. oops! get outta the way!
and i don't care what anyone says, i love my crocs! for more styles and a complete list of branches, go to there's a contest too (free trips! free shoes!)—just go to for details.

Monday, February 27, 2012

oscar a-whuut

whatever happened to the oscars? if all we have to look forward to is the red-carpet fashion, then it's really gotten boring! people were raving about gwyneth paltrow's tom ford white gown and cape—she looked like an effin nun! (no offense to nuns.) all that was missing was the wimple!
and what about rooney mara? so much analysis over bangs and a couple of pleats on her boobs! it's a givenchy, for chrissake!
and is it so boring that we had to imagine j.lo's nip slip??
oy. i was waiting for some wow moments. even one. didn't come. but this one cracked me up! "what's up with angelina jolie and her right leg?" hahaha!
where are cher's outrageous headdresses? demi's bicycle shorts? björk's swan? or even barbra's unexpected peep show? give me something to really talk about! and sorry, sacha, your ash-spilling stunt just didn't do it for me...
PS: the new york times had an excellent analysis of the 84th academy awards. read it here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the fash cam: pond's pink

two weeks ago, pond's organized an overnight event at midas hotel to launch two new product lines. but i missed the first day because i arrived from taiwan that night. i was too pooped to unpack and pack again. the first night at some "secret location," pond's launched its new and improved age miracle line. for that event, guests were requested to wear red.
the next day at midas hotel, pond's launched the new and improved flawless white.
this time, guests were requested to wear pink. and this time, i got to attend—yes, in pink! now there are many shades of pink. and since i haven't done a "the fash cam" post in ages, i thought i'd show you the many shades of pink.

there's the ever-so-light blush pink that looks almost skin-tone:

peewee and cristina:

pretty powder pink dresses:


how about a deep pink on slinky jersey dresses:


two-tone pink, paired with white, black, and denim:


hot combo: hot-pink jacket + jeans:


and the lone print of the day:

finally after the workshop ends, class picture!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

orla kiely x uniqlo

because i had been so obsessed with the marni x H&M collaboration, i had completely missed out on this one! till a facebook friend posted a pic of her cat modeling her newly acquired orla kiely x uniqlo scarf! with the signature leaf prints!

haay why couldn't this collection have launched later in the year? in june to be exact—when uniqlo finally opens in manila! meanwhile, i've been asking friends and family in singapore, hong kong, japan, new york, and anywhere there's a uniqlo to please please please get me somethiiiing!! any of these will do please!! thank you!!
to see the complete collection, go here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

style weekend - feb 24

pls buy manila bulletin today (feb 24) for your free copy of style weekend for men (out every last friday of the month)! on the cover: award-winning actor marvin agustin who's just as famous for his cooking! photographed by mike manabat.

also in this issue: taking on the porsche(s) at the world roadshow, exclusive interview with the PBA commish chito salud, guy's guide to s/s trends, daiana menezes centerfold, and more!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

let's eat: cova tapas y sangria

for three days in a row, for some reason, the hubby and i ended up eating spanish food. one evening, we drove to alabang, i can't remember why, and because kanin club was full, we settled on alba's. and got serenaded by the guitar-toting trio (and when they ask if we have any request, we always say bruno mars hehe):
the next night, the hubby wanted me to try cova tapas y sangria, which he got to eat at with some friends while i was away. more on that in a bit. then on the third night, we treated my family to our birthdays dinner (our birthdays are four days apart) at manolo's, a small home-based, home-cooked restaurant. a separate post on that.

so back to cova. it has interesting interiors with a ceiling and wall treatment that makes you feel like you are inside a whale. just google inside a whale, you'll see what i mean.
seeing that it's a tapas bar, they have a very short menu with the usual tapas fare, like gambas, bacalao, croquetas, patatas, etc. but that's where the "usual" ends because each dish was artfully presented and sometimes too pretty to eat! so what do you do? instead of saying grace before meals, you take pictures! (for each dish, you have a choice of the smaller tapas portion good for two, which we had, or the bigger ración portion)

chupitos de croquetas: croquette shots with jamon iberico, crab salad, truffle mushroom (P260)
gambas al ajillo: fresh prawns, paprika, roasted ilocos garlic, parmesan crisp (P125)
patatas bravas: fried potato, spicy brava sauce, alioli (P80)
ravioli de rabo de toro: ox tail, foie gras, shiitake mushroom, ox tail jus (P240)
and to wash it all down: cova red sangria (500ml, P499; 1 liter, P999—they should've just said half-carafe and full carafe. easier to understand for us numbers-challenged types):
the verdict: although this is stylized tapas, we liked the food, it was good, albeit a bit on the pricey side.. considering in spain, whence tapas originated, tapas are often served free :-)

cova tapas y sangria, 22 jupiter st., bel-air village, makati city, tel 478-9700

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what i did last sunday

ayayay i haven't been posting. back in the day, monday to friday were hectic weekdays; come saturday i'm a vegetable that just wants to, what else, veg out! but that's out! because in the last year or so, i have been working on saturdays too! so veg day has been moved to sunday. and to veg means to have a lie-in till noon. but not last sunday. the hubby wanted to take the car out for a spin. and he insisted i come. and i'm glad i did because it was another new and unexpected and fun experience.

we went all the way to this place called puning hot springs and sand spa in pampanga, which lies somewhere in the mount pinatubo area. it's a mere 20-30 minutes away from clark. first you check in at base camp (or station 1) to pay the fee of P3,000, have a so-so buffet lunch, and while the tourists get into one of the 4x4 jeepneys, we opted to have a guide lead us though the rough roads. what a thrill. for the hubby, not me. photographer lang po ako.

we drove around 15-20 minutes to station 3 where the hot springs are. the place is built into the side of the mountain and has hot-spring pools every step of the way.
the water in the pools comes from the waterfalls from the mountain and it's really warm. here i am sitting on one of the platforms they built over the flowing water. you can actually see and feel the steam coming through the bamboo slats. parang open-air sauna.
one of the many small pools filled with 45°C water—that's hot!
but you get used to it. i started by dipping my feet first, then the legs, then sink the whole body in... oooh... aaah... here's the evidence!!
then we backtracked to station 2, where the sand spa is. here you get buried under warm sand.
i don't know what the therapeutic claim is of being buried under warm sand (but not naturally warm; apparently, there is a fire underneath that keeps the sand warm), but these korean gentlemen seemed to enjoy it!
after, you hose yourself off and have a cold beer with the view of lahar behind you. nice!
for more info, go here.