Monday, February 27, 2012

oscar a-whuut

whatever happened to the oscars? if all we have to look forward to is the red-carpet fashion, then it's really gotten boring! people were raving about gwyneth paltrow's tom ford white gown and cape—she looked like an effin nun! (no offense to nuns.) all that was missing was the wimple!
and what about rooney mara? so much analysis over bangs and a couple of pleats on her boobs! it's a givenchy, for chrissake!
and is it so boring that we had to imagine j.lo's nip slip??
oy. i was waiting for some wow moments. even one. didn't come. but this one cracked me up! "what's up with angelina jolie and her right leg?" hahaha!
where are cher's outrageous headdresses? demi's bicycle shorts? björk's swan? or even barbra's unexpected peep show? give me something to really talk about! and sorry, sacha, your ash-spilling stunt just didn't do it for me...
PS: the new york times had an excellent analysis of the 84th academy awards. read it here.

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