Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP: whitney houston

today will be all about whitney houston. before the internet, just how did we find out about celebrity deaths? if you are constantly on facebook and/or twitter, you will be updated instantaneously. and this morning, while having our morning coffee, facebook was suddenly flooded with links to the sad and shocking news. then, links to youtube videos of some of whitney's best performances. may you rest in peace, whitney houston.

i was first "introduced" to whitney houston as a seventeen magazine model back in the early 80s. back then, i was obsessed with seventeen and knew all the models that they used on a regular basis. whitney was one of them. she had sparkling eyes, a bright smile, and mile-long legs. here's a pic of her on the cover:
then years later, she made an album and became a fixture on MTV, which was in its infancy then. her music, which was manufactured, commercial pop was not really my type. and here was a black woman who couldn't dance! janet jackson she was not. but the voice was *wow*! i became really impressed when she sang live on some awards show—i got the goosies, as J.Lo would say. but the last couple decades saw her tumble from favor and the deterioration of the quality of her voice due to drug abuse. while we wait for news on the cause of death, she is now in musical heaven :'-( whitney and michael together now:


Anonymous said...

Grabeeeehhh!!! I always open my Facebook when I wake up in the morning. That's where I get my news also!! We will miss you, Whitney

Jim Wilcox said...

I'm very sad the first time I heard this news. God bless her and those whitney left behind w/ peace and comfort. rita ora tickets