Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what i did last sunday

ayayay i haven't been posting. back in the day, monday to friday were hectic weekdays; come saturday i'm a vegetable that just wants to, what else, veg out! but that's out! because in the last year or so, i have been working on saturdays too! so veg day has been moved to sunday. and to veg means to have a lie-in till noon. but not last sunday. the hubby wanted to take the car out for a spin. and he insisted i come. and i'm glad i did because it was another new and unexpected and fun experience.

we went all the way to this place called puning hot springs and sand spa in pampanga, which lies somewhere in the mount pinatubo area. it's a mere 20-30 minutes away from clark. first you check in at base camp (or station 1) to pay the fee of P3,000, have a so-so buffet lunch, and while the tourists get into one of the 4x4 jeepneys, we opted to have a guide lead us though the rough roads. what a thrill. for the hubby, not me. photographer lang po ako.

we drove around 15-20 minutes to station 3 where the hot springs are. the place is built into the side of the mountain and has hot-spring pools every step of the way.
the water in the pools comes from the waterfalls from the mountain and it's really warm. here i am sitting on one of the platforms they built over the flowing water. you can actually see and feel the steam coming through the bamboo slats. parang open-air sauna.
one of the many small pools filled with 45°C water—that's hot!
but you get used to it. i started by dipping my feet first, then the legs, then sink the whole body in... oooh... aaah... here's the evidence!!
then we backtracked to station 2, where the sand spa is. here you get buried under warm sand.
i don't know what the therapeutic claim is of being buried under warm sand (but not naturally warm; apparently, there is a fire underneath that keeps the sand warm), but these korean gentlemen seemed to enjoy it!
after, you hose yourself off and have a cold beer with the view of lahar behind you. nice!
for more info, go here.

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