Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100 years of coke

every article you read on health will always tell you how bad soda is for you. but i'm sorry, i love coke! in fact, when diet coke was first introduced back in the 80s, i resisted drinking it because i just loved the taste of "real" coke. but dang, those calories...!!! so i eventually gave in and started drinking diet coke, which was later renamed to coke light—at least here in asia. so thank god for coke zero, which is now my favorite soda. still considered "bad" for you, but what the hell! it just tastes gooood!!!

so last week, coke celebrated its 100 years in the philippines with a gala event at makati shangri-la. attire requested was black and white with a touch of red. this is what i wore: my new marni x H&M coat, dress by max and cleo, heels by gucci, bag by kate spade, white-coral necklace from beijing, ring by jewelmer.

this is what greeted us upon entering the ballroom—the whole place was dressed in red!
table setting with a lush red-rose centerpiece:
my seat!
after starting with celery/cauliflower soup, this is what the rest of the menu was—soy and coriander marinated salmon, radish miso broth and soba noodles:
main course of fillet mignon, potato montero, eggplant compote, and beef jus:
dessert was baked apple crumble, vanilla crusted caramel ice cream:
during dinner, they showed videos of past coke commercials and it brought back memories. but i was really disappointed i didn't get to hear/see one of my all-time favorites—the one that goes, i'd like to teach the world to sing...

thank god for youtube! below, the rest of the guests (and by no means complete!):

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