Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the fash packs: hong kong

i got back from hong kong last sunday night, and i've been experiencing a hong kong hangover since then. the temps hovered around 14-18 degrees—sarap! it's called "porma weather" hehe :-) my HK outfit: gray coat by jessica, teddybear-print turtleneck bought in taiwan street market, skirt by vivienne tam, boots by gucci, tote by longchamp:
so bitin! after the marni x H&M shopping spree, there was no more time to shop. it was time for work work work! by friday, the rest of my group had arrived to do a shoot on the star cruise ship:
this ship is called pisces. it's one of the smaller cruise ships that departs every evening at 7pm. the ship has a casino, so once it leaves hong kong waters, the gambling begins—kasi bawal sa hong kong. by 12nn the next day it's back in the city, only to leave again by 7pm—usually with the same passengers!

it was a bit of a gloomy day to do a summer-fashion shoot. but we did it! style weekend was one of three publications that did a shoot before the ship sailed. here's my shoot!
here's another:
and one more:
teaser lang po. sorry, can't pre-empt the issues! watch out for style weekend's shoot in april! then it was time to check in. here's our twin-sharing room (so tiny, i couldn't even open my huge maleta haha):
here's the view from our porthole:
and when the ship got moving, we all had the same idea and went out to the top of the deck to see the harbor. hong kong is one of the most beautifully lit cities in the world! (but too bad it was cloudy, so we couldn't see the full moon..)
picture, picture!
it also happened to be the birthday of the leader of our group and the organizer of this trip: keren pascual, one of the top PRs of the country. happy birthday, keren!

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Lian Las Pinas said...

Happy bday Mr. Keren Pascual and coach Rio dela Cruz