Tuesday, March 27, 2012

first post of the week

yikes i just realized i haven't posted anything since friday. it's almost like i forgot i had a blog. 'sup with that? haay there were other things on my mind and other things i had to do. planning anniversary parties here, having surprise meetings there... you know how it goes. not to mention the d-d-d-deadlines-s-s-s... so instead of making things i want to write about pile up, maybe i should just blog instagram-style. i don't have an instagram account, though people have been telling me to sign up since i always take a lot of pictures. so let's try it:
this is the kind of swag i get. the press release read (edited): "...the first feminine wash in a bar, Cleoplus Virginity Soap is especially made for the women of today. A feminine soap to use for washing the delicate genital organs, it has an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent. With regular use, it will give a tightening effect (regular use would mean three times a day)." try niyo?

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