Thursday, March 08, 2012

my marni x H&M diary

8:25am depart manila via PAL. lousy food, good service, great landing.

10:05am landed in hong kong. arrived to rain.

10:58am airport express train leaves for the city.
11:18am train arrives at kowloon station. i head for the free shuttle bus.
11:31am bus leaves for the hotel. i'm so stupid. just realized there's an H&M right above the station in elements mall. i should've asked if the station had lockers where i can park my maleta!
11:45am reach hotel. gave my maletas to the porter. forget about checking in! hotel can wait! nearest H&M is down the street at silvercord, so i make a dash for it!

11:46pm in one minute, i enter the store and ask the staff, where is marni?? she says upstairs to your left. what she doesn't say is that the end of the queue is in the lower floor, through the mall entrance! so i make a dash for it! when I get to the end of the queue, they say the REAL end of the queue is even lower!! in the basement!!

11:54am reached the end of the queue!
11:59am a group of us are led up to the second queue--and I'm the last person!
12:01pm my nose is pressed up against the window. I'm already shopping...

12:08pm queue moves. getting closer...

12:17pm previous shopping group told they have two minutes left! it's our turn!! the staff fix the merchandise and re-arrange the racks.
12:18 shopping bags are handed to people in the front of the queue.
12:19pm queue moves! next batch in! and i'm part of it!
12:20pm pandemonium! we have 10 minutes to shop!! but I already know what I want and head straight for them.

12:30pm done! before leaving the marni area, the staff check your merch to make sure you followed "the rules" (see previous post).

12:32pm i queue up at the register.
12:39pm paid up! er, i think I went a little overboard..


Anne said...

What pieces did you buy?

I'm going to NYC tomorrow for lunch, and I plan to stop by the H&M on 34th street. There probably won't be any items left, but I guess I'll give it a try to see if there is. :)

xo Annie

N said...

woah that is insane! 10 minutes per group, wearing color-colded bracelets, checking bags to make sure everyone followed the "rules". WOW!

the process is so different from Target's designer launches but on the plus side at least its ORGANIZED!

i live in turkey, we have quite a few h&m's here, if you want a new one i can check it out and ship to you.

thanks for the insight!

N said...

You make me want to run over to my local H&M to check out the collection!

PS I cant believe all the strict rules they have, so different from a Target designer launch, but at least the ones in HK are ORGANIZED!

John P said...

The impeachment prosecution could learn a lot from you. It pays to plan ahead, even if the task at hand is one that needs to be done swiftly.

Ailema Feliciano said...

I remember the Lanvin X H&M in London. I can't buy it for myself so I asked a friend to get me a dress. She was only given 10 minutes to pick everything she liked!!! She said she couldn't think straight. I'm Marni crazy but I was in India. Good thing it wasn't sold out the day it launched. I was able to secure everything that I liked. :) Til the next designer collab. LOL!