Saturday, April 28, 2012

beauty blog: snoé

have you seen snoé beauty products being sold at your neighborhood mall? you might be surprised to know that it is a 100% filipino brand started by two women. i met one of them at a press lunch today and she is gorgeous! this is jen gerodias-diaz:

unfortunately her partner gen enriquez-gerodias (jen and gen—cute, right??) is pregnant and needed to rest. snoé (pronounced snowy) just launched last year but is already quite the success. by the end of this year, they hope to expand outside the country (thailand is their first goal), as well as expand the product line. jen told me they'll be coming out with a new cosmetics line—powder foundations, mascaras, lip stains, false eyelashes—as well as hair products like extensions and a DIY hair-rebonding kit! i need that!! 

after lunch, jen brought out all the snoé products and laid them all over the table for us to see, smell, and try. i was like a kid in a candy store! maybe because the products are so deliciously packaged, and look (and smell!) good enough to eat! even the names make me want to lick them—words like scrumptious, fresh, whipped, frosting, honey, syrup, jam, candy. not to mention the scents—mmm mmm mmm... here are some of them (and there were still a lot more!): 

body scrubs that look like bottled milk shakes
body sprays. i like nectarine ginger tea and passion fruit parfait

matching body lotions... 
...and body washes
oil spray for the hair and body

more hair products. i can't wait to try the intense argan oil

hand wash. they also have a pocket version that's a foamy hand sanitizer

do not drink this! they're for the you-know-what hehe...
do not eat this! not for toast, but for your lips and cheeks

cute! hang this on your bag, instead of those silly alcogel holders
whitening soaps. choose your intensity! (or whichever matches your bathroom)

snoé has freestanding stores at SM malls in muntinlupa, las piñas, and valenzuela. they also have kiosks in market! market!, robinsons galleria, festival supermall, and robinsons place cavite. and they're available inside cinderella, glorietta 3 and the landmark, trinoma. for more information, go to

Friday, April 27, 2012

style weekend - apr 27

pls buy manila bulletin today (apr 27) for your free copy of style weekend for men (out every last friday of the month)! on the cover: oishi's new endorser, elmo magalona—o, wow! photographed by paolo pineda, styling by sidney yap, grooming by precious medina.

also in this issue: driving through puning hot springs, profiles on oli pettigrew and blake, thai restos mango tree and simply thai, prints for guys, new fragrances and grooming products, poppy delevingne centerfold, and more!

Monday, April 23, 2012

blogger's new look: yay or nay?

oooh how i hate announcements like these... "new!" but not necessarily improved... when gmail changed its format recently, i knew blogger wouldn't be far behind... not that i'm resistant to change or anything... but i'm one of those people who still refuses to switch to timeline on facebook! just a matter of time, i know... i just hate the layout, that's all. any time your eyes need to zigzag back and forth like you're watching a tennis match, you know it can't be good... thinking like an editor, i know, right?? can't help it. i also can't help but copy edit what i read. hazards of the job. with new gmail and blogger, it looks like an open-plan home with no defined areas of the living room, the dining room, the breakfast nook, etc—which you achieve with the use of area rugs or bookshelves or screens or whatnot. everything is so kalat. ok, i don't know if i'm making sense here. so. if you're on blogger, what do you think of the new layout? (and those last two sentences were supposed to be a new paragraph, but i don't know how to make a new paragraph. i only used to have to press return! haaay!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

still more shoes

lots of shoe launches this past week! thursday night was the launch of fitflop's latest collection called trend diffuser. now does this look like a fitflop to you??
if you think that looks like a strange mutation of a sneaker and a gladiator sandal, well, you may be right. but look at it when its worn:
cool, right?? this style is called gladda. can't wait to try it on. it won't be available till next month, though, and only by pre-order starting on may 10 at all fitflop freestanding stores. for more info, go to or

Friday, April 20, 2012

style weekend - apr 20

pls buy manila bulletin today (apr 20) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our earth day issue! on the cover: lulu tan-gan's new line called indigenous couture. on the cover: a vest made of handwoven piña silk. photographed by sara black, styling by pam quiñones, makeup by jigs mayuga, hair by vianney guese.

also in this issue: all about human nature, jakarta tour guide, rosanna unson's mon-sun style, features on the pains of being pure at heart, future music festival, café romulo and savoy, and more!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP: dick clark

Dick Clark dead at 82

Host and TV producer Dick Clark has died. He was 82.

Spokesman Paul Shefrin said the "American Bandstand" creator had a heart attack Wednesday morning at Saint John's hospital in Santa Monica, a day after he was admitted for an outpatient procedure.

Long dubbed "the world's oldest teenager" because of his boyish appearance, Clark bridged the rebellious new music scene and traditional show business, and was equally comfortable whether chatting about music with Sam Cooke or bantering with Ed McMahon about TV bloopers. He thrived as the founder of Dick Clark Productions, supplying movies, game and music shows, beauty contests and more to TV. Among his credits: "The $25,000 Pyramid," "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" and the American Music Awards.

For a time in the 1980s, he had shows on all three networks and was listed among the Forbes 400 of wealthiest Americans. Clark also was part of radio as partner in the United Stations Radio Networks, which provided programs - including Clark's - to thousands of stations.

"There's hardly any segment of the population that doesn't see what I do," Clark told The Associated Press in a 1985 interview.

"It can be embarrassing. People come up to me and say, 'I love your show,' and I have no idea which one they're talking about."

The original "American Bandstand" was one of network TV's longest-running series as part of ABC's daytime lineup from 1957 to 1987. It later aired for a year in syndication and briefly on the USA Network. Over the years, it introduced stars ranging from Buddy Holly to Madonna. The show's status as an American cultural institution was solidified when Clark donated Bandstand's original podium and backdrop to the Smithsonian Institution.

Clark joined "Bandstand" in 1956 after Bob Horn, who'd been the host since its 1952 debut, was fired. Under Clark's guidance, it went from a local Philadelphia show to a national phenomenon.

"I played records, the kids danced, and America watched," was how Clark once described the series' simplicity. In his 1958 hit "Sweet Little Sixteen," Chuck Berry sang that "they'll be rocking on Bandstand, Philadelphia, P-A."

As a host, he had the smooth delivery of a seasoned radio announcer. As a producer, he had an ear for a hit record. He also knew how to make wary adults welcome this odd new breed of music in their homes.

Clark endured accusations that he was in with the squares, with critic Lester Bangs defining Bandstand as "a leggily acceptable euphemism of the teenage experience." In a 1985 interview, Clark acknowledged the complaints. "But I knew at the time that if we didn't make the presentation to the older generation palatable, it could kill it."

"So along with Little Richard and Chuck Berry and the Platters and the Crows and the Jayhawks ... the boys wore coats and ties and the girls combed their hair and they all looked like sweet little kids into a high school dance," he said.

But Clark defended pop artists and artistic freedom, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame said in an online biography of the 1993 inductee. He helped give black artists their due by playing original R&B recordings instead of cover versions by white performers, and he condemned censorship.

His stroke in December 2004 forced him to miss his annual appearance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve." He returned the following year and, although his speech at times was difficult to understand, many, including other stroke victims, praised his bravery.

Still speaking with difficulty, he continued taking part in his New Year's shows, though in a diminished role. Ryan Seacrest became the main host.

"I'm just thankful I'm still able to enjoy this once-a-year treat," he told The Associated Press by e-mail in December 2008 as another New Year's Eve approached.

He was honored at the Emmy Awards in 2006, telling the crowd: "I have accomplished my childhood dream, to be in show business. Everybody should be so lucky to have their dreams come true. I've been truly blessed."

He was born Richard Wagstaff Clark in Mount Vernon, N.Y., in 1929. His father, Richard Augustus Clark, was a sales manager who worked in radio.

Clark idolized his athletic older brother, Bradley, who was killed in World War II. In his 1976 autobiography, "Rock, Roll & Remember," Clark recalled how radio helped ease his loneliness and turned him into a fan of Steve Allen, Arthur Godfrey and other popular hosts.

From Godfrey, he said, he learned that "a radio announcer does not talk to `those of you out there in radio land'; a radio announcer talks to me as an individual."

Clark began his career in the mailroom of a Utica, N.Y., radio station in 1945. By age 26, he was a broadcasting veteran, with nine years' experience on radio and TV stations in Syracuse and Utica, N.Y., and Philadelphia. He held a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University. While in Philadelphia, Clark befriended Ed McMahon, who later credited Clark for introducing him to his future "Tonight Show" boss, Johnny Carson.

In the 1960s, "American Bandstand" moved from black-and-white to color, from weekday broadcasts to once-a-week Saturday shows and from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Although its influence started to ebb, it still featured some of the biggest stars of each decade, whether Janis Joplin, the Jackson 5, Talking Heads or Prince.

But Clark never did book two of rock's iconic groups, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Elvis Presley also never performed, although Clark managed an on-air telephone interview while Presley was in the Army.

When Michael Jackson died in June 2009, Clark recalled working with him since he was a child, adding, "of all the thousands of entertainers I have worked with, Michael was THE most outstanding. Many have tried and will try to copy him, but his talent will never be matched."

Clark kept more than records spinning with his Dick Clark Productions. Its credits included the Academy of Country Music and Golden Globe awards; TV movies including the Emmy-winning "The Woman Who Willed a Miracle" (1984), the "$25,000 Pyramid" game show and the 1985 film "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins." Clark himself made a cameo on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and a dramatic appearance as a witness on the original "Perry Mason." He was an involuntary part of Michael Moore's Academy Award-winning "Bowling for Columbine," in which Clark is seen brushing off Moore as the filmmaker confronts him about working conditions at a restaurant owned by Clark.

In 1974, at ABC's request, Clark created the American Music Awards after the network lost the broadcast rights to the Grammy Awards.

He was also an author, with "Dick Clark's American Bandstand" and such self-help books as "Dick Clark's Program for Success in Your Business and Personal Life" and "Looking Great, Staying Young." His unchanging looks inspired a joke in "Peggy Sue Gets Married," the 1986 comedy starring Kathleen Turner as an unhappy wife and mother transported back to 1960. Watching Clark on a black-and-white TV set, she shakes her head in amazement, "Look at that man, he never ages."

Clark's clean-cut image survived a music industry scandal. In 1960, during a congressional investigation of "payola" or bribery in the record and radio industry, Clark was called on to testify.

He was cleared of any suspicions but was required by ABC to divest himself of record-company interests to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. The demand cost him $8 million, Clark once estimated. His holdings included partial ownership of Swan Records, which later released the first U.S. version of the Beatles' smash "She Loves You."

In 2004, Clark announced plans for a revamped version of "American Bandstand." The show, produced with "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, was to feature a host other than Clark.

He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1994 and served as spokesman for the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Clark, twice divorced, had a son, Richard Augustus II, with first wife Barbara Mallery and two children, Duane and Cindy, with second wife Loretta Martin. He married Kari Wigton in 1977.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

more shoe stories

today i attended the launch of vibram fivefingers shoes at skye lounge. and looky, they gave me a pair! so what do you think of these shoes??
don't they look like ape feet?? these have got to be one of the ugliest shoes around. but during the launch, i heard so many testimonials from their brand ambassadors. but take note, these people were not random personalities asked to wear the shoes and say something nice about them; they were actual customers of vibram since the brand first started being sold in the philippines in 2010. and they wear vibrams not for walking around the mall, but for their active lifestyles. the testimonials came from all types of athletes—runners, triathletes, rowers, yoga practitioners, professional dancers, surfers, you name it! and apparently they can get wet too. so i'll give them a try (not that i'm athletic or anything!). which one would YOU wear??

for more information, go to

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

celestina luxe flats

tonight i attended the launch of celestina's first shoe collection, held at their greenbelt 5 store. it's a capsule collection of classic ballet flats made of crocodile skin from colombia. in fact, the shoes are handmade in colombia. here's the designer herself, tina maristela-ocampo wearing the green flats! (and yes they brought a red mini into the store.)
a closer look:
an even closer look:
the collection comes in six colors. here are two other brights, red and blue:
plus the requisite neutrals—brown, nude, and black:
women were trying and buying, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the softness of the inner sole, and whining about which color to buy. because at this price, i think one pair would suffice: P48,400! waaay over MY budget. but i heard that they are having a promotional discount of 30% till the end of the month. di ko pa rin ma-afford!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

let's eat: my kitchen by chef chris

chef chris happens to be the C in C' italian dining in angeles, pampanga, just outside clark. but he has since left C' and put up this restaurant inside the oasis, a hotel right outside paco park. we had been hearing good things about this place and had to try it out for ourselves.

first order: caesar salad (P490). big enough for two. fresh, crisp romaine hearts and just enough dressing.

the hubby ordered cream of tomato soup (P190) and i got jealous so i had to try it. a delicious, hearty purée. very filling, so i'm glad i just shared!

my order: prawn tails braised with chorizo in aromatic tomato sauce (P940). mmm very tasty but not overwhelmingly so. serving is generous so make sure you're hungry!

the hubby's order: grilled home made italian sausage (P670). this is supposed to be one of the chef's signature dishes. ang lalaki!

and to wash it all down, tattinger champagne (P2,190):

parang hindi lang bagay sa background hehe...

the verdict: if you don't live in the area, it's a place with food worth making the trek to. it's a casual dining place in an area that's making an effort to get back some of its former glory. support!

my kitchen by chef chris located at the oasis paco park hotel, 1032-34 belen st., paco, manila, tel 521-2371 to 75,

Friday, April 13, 2012

style weekend - apr 13

pls buy manila bulletin today (apr 13) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our travel issue! on the cover: model/host phoemela baranda is ready for her cruise in blue dresses inspired by the ocean! photographed by paolo pineda on board the star pisces cruise ship docked in hong kong. styling by liza ilarde, dress by frederick peralta.

also in this issue: fashion & beauty essentials for travel, all-weather shoes, latest luggage, interview with cocinelle principal, the bag hag ingrid chua-go's travel style, taiwan tour guide, new japanese restos, and more! plus photos from style weekend's 5th anniversary/women who wow event!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

origins & translations

calling all fashion and fabric enthusiasts! professionals, amateurs, and students! even mere spectators! if there's one exhibit you must see now, dizzizit:
In its first design-focused exhibit for 2012, Origins & Translations: Philippine Textile Patterns & Motifs, the Yuchengco Museum looks at tradition as a source of inspiration for contemporary designers and artists.

In the ethnic tradition of textiles, a reconnection to a people’s heritage, ways of life, and belief systems is found through the motifs and patterns on the surface of cloth, apparel, and accessories. Textiles are integral to the personal, economic, sociopolitical, and religious lives of the indigenous groups that weave them.

With the creative mind, the possibilities from traditional textiles are endless. Origins & Translations puts together examples of indigenous textiles and clothing and a selection of inspired contemporary creations, retranslations, and reinterpretations by leading designers and visual artists. Whether inspired by patterns, the possibilities of material constructions, or the material itself, designers and artists today continue to celebrate, explore, and make Filipino culture relevant.

The exhibit mirrors original indigenous textiles and clothing from the collections of Floy Quintos and Al Valenciano. Among the contemporary translations and inspired works featured are paintings by National Artists for Visual Arts Abdulmari Asia Imao, Arturo Luz, and Hernando R. Ocampo; paintings by visual artists Ivi Avellana-Cosio, Roberto Feleo, Ricarte Purugganan, and John Frank Sabado; creations by couturiers Pepito Albert and Inno Sotto; fashion and accessories by fashion designers Amina Aranaz-Alunan, JC Buendia, Randy Ortiz, and Lulu Tan-Gan; sketches by stage and costume designer Gino Gonzales; a loveseat by furniture designer Ito Kish; and pieces from the designer collections of Silk Cocoon by Jeannie Goulbourn and Filip + Inna by Lenora Capili.

Also on exhibit are the winning pieces of the winners and semifinalists of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines’ Weaving the Future Philippine Fashion Design Competition.

among the items on display were a lot of pieces from the personal collection of theater writer/director floy quintos. below, albong takmun, which are little tops and jackets (embroidered, beaded, embellished with mother-of-pearl discs) worn by the bagobo tribe of mindanao:
check out this neckpiece made of crocodile teeth! it's called balungkag, also from the bagobo tribe:
look at this modern bustier by randy ortiz fashioned out of t'nalak, an abaca fabric handwoven by the t'boli tribe from south cotabato:
this ensemble by pepito albert incorporates dreamy pale tulle with purple abel, woven fabric from ilocos norte:
there was also a "pintado" bodysuit from inno sotto's 1995 collection, which was cleverly displayed next to a portrait of giolo, a fully tattooed islander who was brought as a slave to london way back in 1691 and then exhibited as a curiosity:
and there's inno himself! he came to view the exhibit and was constantly asked by fans to have their picture taken with him. he's a rock star!
it's wonderful to see the rich heritage the philippines has when it comes to textiles. i can imagine how inspiring this can be for all kinds of designers. there's so much to see and learn! go before it ends!

Origins & Translations: Philippine Textile Patterns & Motifs runs until April 24. The museum is located at RCBC Plaza, corner Ayala and Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenues in Makati. Museum hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call (632) 889-1234 or visit