Monday, April 23, 2012

blogger's new look: yay or nay?

oooh how i hate announcements like these... "new!" but not necessarily improved... when gmail changed its format recently, i knew blogger wouldn't be far behind... not that i'm resistant to change or anything... but i'm one of those people who still refuses to switch to timeline on facebook! just a matter of time, i know... i just hate the layout, that's all. any time your eyes need to zigzag back and forth like you're watching a tennis match, you know it can't be good... thinking like an editor, i know, right?? can't help it. i also can't help but copy edit what i read. hazards of the job. with new gmail and blogger, it looks like an open-plan home with no defined areas of the living room, the dining room, the breakfast nook, etc—which you achieve with the use of area rugs or bookshelves or screens or whatnot. everything is so kalat. ok, i don't know if i'm making sense here. so. if you're on blogger, what do you think of the new layout? (and those last two sentences were supposed to be a new paragraph, but i don't know how to make a new paragraph. i only used to have to press return! haaay!)

1 comment:

Tom Jenner said...

Its absolute crap. Why can't they give us the option of using the old system?