Tuesday, April 17, 2012

celestina luxe flats

tonight i attended the launch of celestina's first shoe collection, held at their greenbelt 5 store. it's a capsule collection of classic ballet flats made of crocodile skin from colombia. in fact, the shoes are handmade in colombia. here's the designer herself, tina maristela-ocampo wearing the green flats! (and yes they brought a red mini into the store.)
a closer look:
an even closer look:
the collection comes in six colors. here are two other brights, red and blue:
plus the requisite neutrals—brown, nude, and black:
women were trying and buying, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the softness of the inner sole, and whining about which color to buy. because at this price, i think one pair would suffice: P48,400! waaay over MY budget. but i heard that they are having a promotional discount of 30% till the end of the month. di ko pa rin ma-afford!

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Anonymous said...

If it's caiman crocodile leather from colombia they are using, they are making an over-kill on the price. Caiman croc skin is inferior to say, porosus. Just ask Nancy gonzalez. But since its Celestina, they can get away with it, i guess.