Wednesday, April 18, 2012

more shoe stories

today i attended the launch of vibram fivefingers shoes at skye lounge. and looky, they gave me a pair! so what do you think of these shoes??
don't they look like ape feet?? these have got to be one of the ugliest shoes around. but during the launch, i heard so many testimonials from their brand ambassadors. but take note, these people were not random personalities asked to wear the shoes and say something nice about them; they were actual customers of vibram since the brand first started being sold in the philippines in 2010. and they wear vibrams not for walking around the mall, but for their active lifestyles. the testimonials came from all types of athletes—runners, triathletes, rowers, yoga practitioners, professional dancers, surfers, you name it! and apparently they can get wet too. so i'll give them a try (not that i'm athletic or anything!). which one would YOU wear??

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