Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

today i got a card and a gift that said, "cheers to one of the most beautiful moms we know!" (of course, it was a PR gift, but still... very sweet.) well, i may not have given birth to him, but i'm still a mami to my baby doggy, harry :-)

and to celebrate mother's day, the fash pack is going to have a contest! it's been a while since i last did this! up for grabs—this wonderful gift set from the body shop! like chocolate?

this lovely satin-lined box has a complete set of the body shop's chocomania products. clockwise from top left: lip butter, exfoliating gloves, heart-shaped soap, body scrub, body butter, and shower cream. smells good enough to eat! mmm mmm mmm...

i haven't done a contest in a really long time, so i had to dig up my old rules. below, the rules! 

1. if you win, you must be able to pick up your prize. or send someone with valid IDs (with instructions from the winner emailed to me).
2. to qualify to win, you must answer the question below.
3. email your answer to with the subject line "contest: mother's day." please include your real name! 
4. you have 24 hours to send in your answer (based on the time stamp below).
5. good luck! 

this contest is open to anyone who has a mother. now we all have a mother, but this doesn't necessarily mean your biological mother. your mother is that person who raised, nurtured, guided, and inspired you to become the person you are today (hopefully, a nice one!). so tell me in 100 words or less: 


best answer wins! harry and i will be the judges! 

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