Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day winner!

we've got a winner! out of the millions (exagg!) of entries that came in, harry and i liked this one. (because i too am like her mother when i "adopted" harry. and, of course, because she's also a mommy to doggies, like me :-)

What makes my mom the best mother in the world? 

Because she picked me! Hehe.. She adopted when i'm about 3 months old. She taught me everything, how to be humble, live simply, be generous, respectful, God fearing, and many more. I'm still learning! Yes she spoiled me in a different way (travels w/ her) but i'm not a brat because when that happens she pulls (smacks) me back down to earth. I love her so much i am thankful every minute, everyday 24/7 that she chose me to be her daughter. Someday when i'm going to be a mother too, i'll be sure to make her proud. For now, can't give her grandchildren yet, so she has to bear with my pack of 5 dogs (which she calls her apos!) LoL Happy Mom's Day!

congratulations, rhea! please wait for an email from me with instructions on how to claim your prize.

readers, do you like contests? i can bring back "wednesday is winsday" contest days. it's been a while...

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