Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PhFW: bench x rajo laurel

it's been 48 hours since the bench x rajo laurel show and A LOT has happened! #corona #CJontrial #guilty!

now back to regular programming! back to my PhFW report! last sunday night, after the quiet, ethereal fantasy show of michael cinco, we moved to the next room for rajo laurel's loud, high-energy variety show! umpisa pa lang, may drama na! woo-hoo!

this post is going to have a lot of exclamation points! because the whole show was like a lot of exclamation points! non-stop! woo-hoo! there's enchong! there's marco! there's joey!

looky! people being thrown into the air! woo-hoo!

then finally rajo comes out with a group of guys in white jeans (and no shirts!) and invites everyone to get up from their chair and join the rajo revolution! woo-hoo!

aaaand the show turned into a birthday party for rajo, who just celebrated his XXth birthday two weeks ago! there's rajo doing the rajo dance! fun fun fun!

lest we forget, rajo launched his first collaboration with bench: a new jeans line. o bili na!

he also has not one but two fragrances called uno and dos—of course!

now available at your neighborhood bench store!

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