Thursday, July 12, 2012

blog for bloggings's sake

when i posted a couple weeks ago that i was considering abandoning my blog, not a few people hesitated to express their opinion on the matter, the gist of which was "sayang naman ang blog." ok, who feels sayang naman if i just let it go? the truth is blogging has become a chore. it's no longer fun. and when i sit in front of my desktop mac, i associate it with work: writing, editing, choosing photos... sounds like blogging, doesn't it??

now instagramming on my iphone--now THAT'S fun! i can do it on the go. follow me @ilardeliza and you'll see my daily outfit posts. i've started my own fashion challenge and promised not to repeat any print from my print-filled closet!

so i decided, para di "sayang ang blog," i'll just cross-post the instagrammed outfits, and maybe squeeze in a few blog-worthy items. so today i start with yesterday's outfit. and wouldn't you know it, it's the same outfit i last posted! (see jul 1.) i'm back in business, babe!

attended the fitflop launch at acacia hotel. oxygen top, skirt from bali, wedges by bimba & lola, necklace by terranova

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